Are You A Genius?

Child prodigies are at the extreme end of genius. Einstein was not a child prodigy, which means that he didn’t have fully formed mathematical skill from the age of ten or younger. His genius was more attuned to an overall vision, not to technical details. Yet some genius is totally formed at birth, it seems, and there is no material explanation for it.

All our current models of the brain indicate that it is unformed at birth and needs experience to mature. For instance, if you don’t expose a newborn baby to language, it will never learn to speak. There is even evidence that early deprivation of love and nurturing will leave a lifelong void that later experience cannot fill, or only with great difficulty.

The experience flowing in from the outer environment shapes the so-called hard-wiring of the cerebral cortex. The primitive, unformed network of neurons that a newborn brings into this world isn’t like a computer’s wiring. Neurons need to interact with all kinds of stimuli before they can form the infinitely ordered, flexible, and efficient network of a mature brain.

A prodigy doesn’t come out of nowhere; he is formed by invisible intelligence that has somehow (no one knows exactly) decided to speed up the learning process far beyond the normal pace, leaving nothing to chance, not even the environment.

Rarely super-prodigies emerge whose abilities are not confined to a single talent but encompass all mental activity; theses children are estimated to fall within the top one-quarter of 1 percent of IQs measured worldwide.

Mind shapes brain, not the other way around. The intelligence that courses through you is turning you into what you are going to be.

Adapted from How To Know God, by Deepak Chopra (Harmony Books, 2000).


New G.
W. C6 years ago

Thank you.

Naomi M.
Naomi Miskimins6 years ago

Thanks. It's a nice reminder of the potential in all of us.

Janine Hofmann
Janine H6 years ago

Thanks for the article.
What makes me sad, is that people think when they hear "iq" about a genius, somone who started already in childhood as genius, and they still do not accept that many children don't have the help at home, from teachers, etc., that they don't have the opprtunites (both parents are working, or there is only one parent. Then there may be no time, no money, or no interest. And the role of teachers and others): "underachievers"

Marilyn NO FWDS D.
6 years ago

Living consciously helps keep neural connections strong.
We all have access to the universal intelligence, we just mostly don't know how to use it..or are too lazy to try.

Charlene S.
Charla D6 years ago

Since the Source of that Intelligence is omnipresent, limitless, and available to all human beings, then all people, regardless of appearances, have, at least in potential form, the seeds of genius. Since humans are microcosms of the greater Universe, and we know that the Universe is still growing and expanding, then we to should shake off whatever limiting labels we have placed on ourselves and know that no matter what, we are infinitely creative beings who's capacity for wisdom, love, brilliance, beauty, and understanding is likewise growing and expanding moment by moment.

Jaclyn J.
Jaclyn Johnston6 years ago


anna g.
g d c7 years ago

Everyone has the potential.

It's up to each individual to want to do well.

Perhaps the norms are set too low?

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Gordana Roljic7 years ago

nice article

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