Are You Eating Hidden PFASs? Why You Need to Stop ASAP.

PFASs are probably one of the nastiest toxic substances you’ve never heard of—but might be ingesting trace amounts almost every day.

PFASs stands for poly- and perfluoroalkyl substances. They’re an industrial solvent that is added to the containers of common foods, plus electronics, footwear, sleeping bags, raingear and tents. They’re what help fabrics repel water. They also keep microwave popcorn from sticking to the bag, pizza boxes from collapsing no matter how greasy they get from the cheese and pepperoni and food from sticking in a non-stick pan.

They’re related to PFOAs, a chemical the Dupont Company used to add to Teflon to make it non-stick before the public learned that PFOAs cause cancer and poisoned drinking water, Environmental Working Group reports in “Poisoned Legacy.” Public outcry led to a ban on PFOAs. Now, EWG has learned that PFOAs were simply replaced by PFASs, which are also carcinogenic and widespread.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) estimate that traces of the chemicals can be found in the bloodstreams of nearly every American alive today, reports Tech Times. They can also pass into embryos developing in the womb. Plus, many animals have trace amounts of PFOAs in their blood, including polar bears.

In addition to cancer, PFASs have been found to cause “liver toxicity, disruption of lipid metabolism and the immune and endocrine systems, adverse neurobehavioral effects, neonatal toxicity and death, and tumors in multiple organ systems,” scientists wrote in Environmental Health Perspectives. Despite the public health threat they pose, companies that use products tainted with PFASs are not required to disclose the presence of this chemical or the exposure consumers might suffer. If you want protection, it’s up to you!

What Can You Do?

1) Pop popcorn in a pot with oil, or microwave in a plain paper bag. Stop eating popcorn from standard microwave bags. It only takes a couple minutes more to pop corn in a covered pot with a little oil. Or, simply put corn kernels in a plain paper bag and curl up the end (DON’T STAPLE OR TAPE IT). The popcorn will pop in the bag; try it a few times until you find the right amount of time for your microwave.

2) Pick up your pizza rather than have it delivered, or ask them to wrap it in aluminum foil rather than put it in a pizza box. Take a pizza stone or cookie sheet with you when you pick up your pizza, and have them put it on that rather than in their box. Or, if it is being delivered, ask them to wrap it in aluminum foil rather than put it in the box. If they insist on the box, they can still wrap it in foil first.

3) Skip greasy fast food you carry out in containers that could be manufactured using the chemical. If you are carrying out, take your own safe, reusable containers for the food. It’s always more eco-friendly to take your own reusable containers for carry-out, anyway.

4) Cook with stainless steel or cast iron. At home, throw away any non-stick cookware you still have. Replace it with stainless steel or seasoned cast iron. Yes, cast iron is a bit heavy, but it is great for cooking just about everything. Here’s how you can season it so food won’t stick.

5) Bake with silicone or stainless steel cookie sheets, cake pans and pie tins. Since you grease the pans anyway, or use paper cupcake and muffin liners, you don’t need to use non-stick bakeware.

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How can we feed people carcinogens? I thought that we were supposed to test and clear these things before they are released. If they are so bad, why aren't they being recalled?
We need to take money out of politics and pass law that once again protect people, not corporate profits.