Are You Living Synchrodestiny?

If you knew you could have it all and do anything you wanted, what would you choose to have and what would you choose to do?

Synchrodestiny allows you to make these miracles happen, without limits, without end. And it does this by gently and progressively nudging you from the local to the nonlocal domain.

Using synchrodestiny to get in touch with the nonlocal domain allows you to enter into a realm of infinite creativity and infinite correlation. Here you have inner security; you are free of anxiety, and free to be the person you were meant to be. You have the spiritual equivalent of a billion dollars in the bank.

In the nonlocal domain you have an unlimited supply of knowledge, of inspiration, of creativity, of potential. You have access to an infinite supply of everything the universe has to offer. Whatever else happens in your life, you are calm, secure, and infinitely blessed.

The principles of synchrodestiny offer a direct route to developing your connection with the nonlcoal domain. Practice meditation and review the daily Sutra Statements, and in time you will find yourself connected with spirit in a way that makes miracles not only possible, but a natural part of your everyday life.

Like any other worthwhile journey, living synchrodestiny will require some sacrifice on your part. You need to sacrifice your mistaken ideas that the world operates like a well-oiled machine without consciousness. You need to sacrifice your notion that you are alone in the world. You need to sacrifice the myth that a magical life is not possible. Some people live magical lives all the time. They have learned how to get back in touch with the boundless energy that lies at the heart of the universe. They have learned to watch for clues to the intention of the nonlocal expressed through coincidences, and to derive meaning from those clues so they know what actions are needed to increase the probability that wondrous things will happen.

Adapted from The Book of Secrets, by Deepak Chopra (Harmony Books, 2004).


Vanessa S.
Vanessa S7 years ago

Reading this article leaves me with so many questions. For example, I am not clear on exactly what is the local and nonlocal domain. The article also refers to synchrodestiny and its principles. Exactly what is synchrodestiny and what are it's principles? The whole idea of realizing what it is that you would ask for if you could have or do anything you wanted and living in such a way to make those things a reality sounds beautiful. I am beginning to realize that I should have read the "What is Synchrodestiny?" article before I read this one.

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Susan S.
Susan S7 years ago

Living one's passion, being in the tao and in a state of positive affirmations all help to achieve a sense of endless creativity. Thanks for this article - it makes sense to me.

Anne J.
Past Member 7 years ago

Well can't say but its a coincidence which allows yourself to be in a state where one connects to all the possibilities that one is. There are times we leave ourselves open but there are deep underlying ego issues that still cloud up the openness which makes a person more conservative.Ne ways good post!
drive a man wild

Tom Rose
Thomas Rose7 years ago

Where do I find the Daily Sutra Statements? Thanks for your help.

Peace Monger Kim
Peace Monger7 years ago

Do you know what your thoughts did last week?!

Oh, yes you do.

They became the things and events of this week. The things you thought would be difficult became difficult; easy became easy; boring became boring; and fun became fun. Where you thought there might be surprises, you were surprised. And where you thought there might be land mines, there were land mines.

Bravo! You can add this week to the list of your most creative accomplishments.

Now, can you guess what your thoughts this week are going to do?
Please, choose every single one of them as if nothing else mattered.


Max Overton
Max Overton7 years ago

Sounds like being on 'weed' - an unlimited supply of knowledge, of inspiration, of creativity, of potential. You have access to an infinite supply of everything the universe has to offer.
And then you come down to the real world...

Kathy Javens
Kathy Javens7 years ago

love and be comfortable with who you are,meditate, bring peace into your life, and this could be the beginning of a better you.

Emmajade G.
.7 years ago

Or, put on a great Dick Dale CD, groove out and enjoy who you are, where you are and how you are right this very moment. There is great freedom in loving who, what, when, where and why for the moment as well.

Sean K.
Sean K7 years ago

Perhaps all one has to accomplish this Synchronicity/Destiny, is to first realize who and what one is.
After said desire to know, believing then becomes the replacement of knowing.
Then just understand basic theories of Energy, Electricity and such related fields of Physics.
Basically Re-create your ideas of all of it. This opens your mind up to your Soul-Intention. Which I might add is, Pure Energy. Just an thought to share.

little wings
Dan A.7 years ago

Sutra statements brought to mind for me hypnotic suggestion.
Anyway, I found S.S. at, I used "Topeka" ;) (April Fools - "Google")to find it.
Here are a couple: "Imagine that life is full of peak experiences".
And: "Imagine that you are transforming and evolving into a higher being."

How to:
When you have an image of each statement in your mind, say Ritam (REE-tahm), continue with each image until you have visualized each one and repeated the sutra. You can repeat the statement and the sutra any time during the day that you feel anxious or stressed.