Are You Maker Of Personal Destiny?

The unfolding of God is a process made possible by the brainís ability to unfold its own potential. Inherent in each of us is wonder, love, transformation, and miracles, not just because we crave theses things but because they are our birthright.

Our neurons have evolved to make these higher aspirations real. From the womb of the brain springs a new and useful God.

If asked why we should strive to know God, my answer would be selfish: I want to be a creator. This is the ultimate promise of spirituality, that you can become the author of your own existence, the maker of personal destiny. Your brain is already performing this service for you unconsciously.

In the quantum domain your brain chooses the response that is appropriate at any given moment. The universe is an overwhelming chaos. It must be interpreted to make sense; it must be decoded. The brain therefore canít take reality as it is given; a response has to be selected, and the quantum realm is where this decision is made.

To know God, you must consciously participate in making this journey Ė that is the purpose of free will. On the surface of life we make much more trivial choices but pretend that they carry enormous weight. In reality, you are constantly acting out seven fundamental choices about the kind of world you recognize:

The choice of fear, the choice of power, the choice of inner reflection, the choice to know yourself, the choice to create, the choice to love, and the choice to be.

A fully awakened brain is the secret to knowing God. In the end, however, the seventh stage is the goal, the one where pure being allows us to revel in the infinite creation of God.

Adapted from How To Know God, by Deepak Chopra (Harmony Books, 2000).


Elisa F.
Elisa F3 years ago

Thanks for the Post :)

Winn Adams
Winn A5 years ago


Emma S.
Emma S6 years ago

I like reading these posts, although sometimes I really want ideas about how to put these thoughts into practice. But there's usually something for me to take away with me, and today it's the idea that wanting to create is in fact a high spiritual aim. I want to create...

Judith H.

Hmmmm. Thank you.

Julie Unruh
Julie Unruh7 years ago

I'm confused, is it the more your ignorant the more you know God, or the more you open your brain, which I always thought of as smarter the more you know God?

Kimberley Baerman

Interesting article and comments. . .thanks!

Claire S.
Claire S7 years ago

Any tenet that claims to be the ONLY way shuts their eyes and spirits to the many ways humans try in their infinite limitation to understand deity - we say we KNOW to reassure ourselves, but what do we really know??? Hmmmmm.........

Charles G.
Wilde Thange7 years ago

So God is in nothing too and thinks nothing of it... so there is nothing to do and if you can do that there is nothing to it..

Lynn C.
Lynn C7 years ago

I agree we must use our minds with conscious choice but I find Eckart Tolle's explanation of why it is difficult to make those choices, crucial in this effort. He says the emotional pain body (accumulated experiences of fear, pain etc) dictates the minds response. This is a simplistic referral to Tolle's information, but the idea of making mental choices that are life enhancing must come from the soul. I found this post evoked a very strong emotional response and appreciate no end Depak's words. Thank you Bob C., for your wonderful posts. I always look for your name to see the great things you are sharing with us.

Susan S.
Susan S7 years ago

I believe that we seek out God, and when we are separated from God that is what causes our inner emptiness and heartache. Heaven is complete union with God, hell is complete separation from God.