4 Eye Health Signs You Should Watch Out For

Eyes are the window to the soul, no doubt. But equally, they also give you a peek into your inner health. Check for the following clues, and you could glean vital information about your body:

Red eyes: bloodshot eyes no doubt cause concern. But experts say that unless you are also feeling pain and blurry vision, there is probably not much reason to worry. Sun, dust, colds, allergies and dry air can all cause eyes to redden. Sometimes, coughing can pop blood vessels, which show up as red patches in the eyes.

Dullness: Do you start feeling sleepy after reading a few pages of a book? Do the whites of your eyes look dull and unclear? Are there bags or dark circles under your eyes? Dull, puffy eyes can be a sign of tired eye muscles and poor blood circulation. Adequate amounts of rest and a diet that provides eye-friendly nutrients such as Vitamin A can help your eyes feel better and brighter.

Yellowness: most of us know that yellowness in the whites of the eye can signify liver trouble. But did you know that yellowish eyelids can be a sign of high cholesterol? Take a closer look at your eyelids: if you see yellow spots , get yourself checked for cholesterol levels and even heart disease.

Bulging eyes: people with protruding eyeballs are not always staring or displaying signs of anxiety—they could be suffering from an overactive thyroid, which causes eye tissue to swell. If accompanied by fatigue and weight loss, this symptom should not be ignored. This article has some excellent information on the many reasons why eyes can bulge.

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The Japanese (in oriental medicine) call whites showing all around the iris SANPAKU which translates diagnostically to dangerously stressed. Photos of famous people right before death have sometimes shown these wide whites, too... so much more than just a thyroid condition. Slow down and get yourself or your loved one medical evaluation quickly if you see this.

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Listen to our body and pay attention to the environment around us

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