Asparagus, Our Ally for Good Health

Did you know the ancient Egyptians cultivated asparagus and considered it a worthy offering for their gods? It turns out thereís good reason: asparagus is a first-line defense against cancer. Find out why here:

According to the National Cancer Institute, asparagus is the food highest in glutathione, an important anticarcinogen. It is also chock-full of two cancer-blocking vitamins–A and C–as well as the mineral selenium. These three nutrients have been singled out in several studies as fierce cancer fighters.

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Adapted from Whole Foods Companion, by Dianne Onsted (Chelsea Green, 2004). Copyright (c) 2004 by Dianne Onsted. Reprinted by permission of Chelsea Green.
Adapted from Whole Foods Companion, by Dianne Onsted (Chelsea Green, 2004).


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I love knowing that one of my favorite foods is also so good for me. Win/win situation here!

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