Astrology for Cats: The Cancer Cat

You may enjoy using astrology to chart your daily life, but you may also be interested in the 12 sun signs of the zodiac and their corresponding personality traits as they apply to us, our cats, and the special relationship we have with them.  Astrology can, therefore, be used as a healing science. We might just like to refer to it as “Astromedicine.”

For hundreds of years, we’ve known that the seasons result from changes in the distance and angle of the sun’s rays relative to the Earth, and that the phases of the moon affect the tides, the planting of crops, and of course the hormonal cycles of women.  It isn’t a big leap to suppose these variables affect all living things, including our cats.

The only way we can truly assist our cats in the healing and cleansing of their own bodies is to look for clues in their symptomatic picture that can help guide us to appropriate natural remedies or methods of healing.  The more aware we become of feline traits and actions, the better equipped we’ll be to help our animal companions.  Astrology can be quite helpful in this regard.

Beyond what their genetic makeup imparts, the personalities among kittens in a litter tend to be quite similar, even when taking into consideration differences in sex and pecking order.  Perhaps this is because they are born close together in time and usually share the same sun sign and several other planetary positions.

Though the serious astrological practitioner would develop a natal horoscope based on the exact time and place of the cat’s birth, this isn’t absolutely necessary for our purposes. The care, feeding, and spiritual well-being of our cats can benefit enormously if we simply learn about their astrological archetype. If you don’t know your cat’s birthday or exact age, you could choose a sun sign to celebrate the day you adopted her or the sign closest to her in personality and likeness.

Throughout the ages, people have applied astrological principles to every aspect of their physical and spiritual lives. In much the same way, you can explore the 12 sun signs to help you augment your relationship with your cat.

Right now we are entering the sign of Cancer so let’s explore the personality of the Cancer Cat!

CANCER (THE CRAB): June 22–July 22

Cardinal element: Water

Ruling planet: Moon

Earth color: Orange-Yellow

Astral colors: Green, Russet-Brown

Gems: Pearl, Black Onyx, Emerald

Mineral element: Silver

Image credit: Kevin Mootsey

Cancer is ruled by the Moon, which governs cell modularity and the blood.  This sign also relates to the breasts, stomach, digestive organs, spleen, and elastic tissues.  It is predisposed to diseases of the head and abdomen.  Wet cold is the elementary quality associated with this water sign.

The Cancer cat is a gentle creature prone to staring wistfully at you—or at what you may think is nothing—for what seems like an eternity.  She’s very happy that you keep her inside, as she’s most content sitting by the hearth or in any warm, cozy spot.

The Cancer cat’s tenacity is unparalleled.  Usually the first to arrive at the food plate and the last to leave it, she’ll never let you forget that her sign rules the stomach.  Cancer is the most sentimental sign of the zodiac.  This means she gets strongly attached to people, animals, and things, so don’t reassign a food dish or a bed without her permission.

As a kitten, the Cancer cat will tend to bond with one person.  She may run and hide when someone new enters, or stand her ground and hiss if approached.  Quite vulnerable, she can be so dedicated to protecting herself that the slightest input can cause her to withdraw. But when left alone at night or separated from her companions, she’s likely to cry and moan for the duration.

You may be dismayed when people come to visit and make disparaging remarks about your Cancer cat’s moody or unfriendly behavior.  It seems only you know that there’s a loving creature behind that growl.  But if you don’t give this cat all the love and security she needs, she may become reclusive.  A nonthreatening approach is always best to coax this cat from her shell.

The Cancer cat can change moods quickly and dramatically.  Just as the Moon – to us the fastest-moving body in the heavens – may hide behind the clouds and then emerge as a beautiful globe of light in the darkest sky, so does the Cancer cat go through her changes.  When she’s in touch with the emotional needs of those around her, she can be a great comfort.  When she’s not in touch, or out of control, she can be miserable.

Cancer cats are motherly.  After your female Cancer cat is spayed, and especially if she is the only cat in the family, adopt a kitten for her to nurture. She’ll sulk and make a fuss at first, but the bonding that occurs will be profound.

The Cancer cat never forgets anything and is extremely sensitive.  Never laugh at her, and be careful not to make her feel foolish. Your Moonchild may get clingy and overbearing sometimes, but she’s so endearing that you’re likely to love and need her just as much as she needs you.

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Connie O.
Connie O6 years ago

Entertaining article!

Frank Hanline
Frank Hanline7 years ago

Celeste, why is "Phd" after your name again when you took it down on another article after it was found that your "degree" was from a diploma mill that has been since shut down?

Please remove it as you're not worthy to have it

Betty Ing
Past Member 7 years ago

Thnx. Describes my two cancer cats to a tee! >^..^

Jean D.
Jean D.7 years ago

Two of my cats are Leos...funny I had never thought of them this way, but so many of the characteristics fit to a tee! I think I understand them a little better now! Can't wait for Gemini (for the other two cats!). :)

Imoen Levanah Staari

This was quite interesting! You should definitely post the other star signs! ;)

Elsie Au
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Jane W.
Jane Warren8 years ago

got a chuckle from this

Pamela H.
Pamela H8 years ago

Hey that's my star sign :) My two kitties were born on new years day in 2000. They both fitted comfortably into a soft cotton carry bag to bring home, with room to spare. But now I wouldn't be able to fit half of one of them into that bag.

Margie Bonn
Past Member 8 years ago

I have 2 furry felines - one showed up at my door crying for food & the other is a adopted from the local SPCA.
So I have no idea when they were born.
They are both unique and very special little friends.

The article is interesting...

Silvija Vlahovec
Silvija Vlahovec8 years ago

Being an Aries, we'd probably hate each other as the cat would bond to my Pisces mother, while totally ignoring me, which in turn would hurt my tender Arian ego.Cat changing its mood fast would also do nothing to improve our relationship. Cancers! Even when born as cats, they still rub me the wrong way! (sorry about that, but it's all written in the stars! :D)