Astrology for Cats: The Leo Cat

When we think of Leo, we quite naturally think of ancient Egypt and its famous Lion, the Sphinx of Giza, which faces East. This kingly lion seems to be waiting–perhaps for the day that a specific star would rise before the sun–perhaps the brilliant “Heart of the Lion,” Regulus. Regulus introduces the summer solstice and is the heart of the constellation Leo.

Those born under the sign of Leo posses a powerful, regal nature. Leo is a masculine sign, but the Lion also possesses and reflcts the fiery charge between masculine and feminine that is built through opposing energy–like yin and yang–to create or give birth to something new and protect it. Understanding the necessity of the balance and integration of these energies is key to our success when assigning traits to our Leo cats. Even though they have been spayed and neutered, their essence is still male or female.

As we examine the personality type of the typical Leo cat, one might ask, “Why do we care what our cat’s sign is?” The answer is simple: anything that helps us understand on a deeper level anyone or anything we live or are in close contact with can be of great help in adding insight and empathy, as we share our space and our lives on a spiritual and cosmic level. We can explore this connection with our companion animals, even when they were rescued, and we do not know their exact birthday or can’t even come close to a guess.

If we study the traits of each sign, we can see which of the astrological signs fits the cat and use it to guide us in the choice of remedies or modalities that are best to treat any physical or emotional issues. Flower essences, Ayurvedic remedies, and homeopathic remedies all require you to take a deep look at the personalty type of your cat. Hippocrates, the father of medicine, instructed that anyone who did not use astrology to assist with diagnosis was not practicing good medicine.

In classical homeopathy, for example, we are required to examine the constitutional type of those that are being treated; and the caregivers must be able to discuss the patient’s unique idiosyncrasies. In the case of our cats, knowledge of something as mundane as whether your cat prefers to be warm or cool at certain times of the days, is she afraid of loud noises, etc., are of great importance because they lead the homeopath towards specific remedies. When you read a materia medica or repertory of remedies, having looked through your cat’s astrology profile first could prove to be extremely helpful to your practitioner.

Astrology for our cats is also a lot of fun, if we can release our preconceived notions and allow ourselves to take a look at life empathetically through our cats’ eyes instead of our own.

Symbolic image of the sign

Leo is the lion, and he is king of the animal kingdom. With a majestic mane and powerful roar, he has an imposing presence and is of pure, royal feline blood. Pedigreed or to the alley born, Leo defends his territory at all costs, protecting his family fiercely, particularly the female Leo with her cubs! Brave in the face of adversity is the Leo.

Cardinal element: Fire
Ruling planet: The Sun
Earth colors: Yellow, Gold
Astral colors: Red, Green
Gems: Ruby, Peridot, Sardonyx
Mineral element: Gold

LEO governs the heart, circulation, blood, eyes, and vitality. The Lion is Leo’s symbolic image; it is ruled by the Sun. The Sun cat needs to be careful of inflammation. An elementary quality of dry heat is associated with this fire sign.

Leo cats love to lie in the sun. It’s almost impossible to keep them out of it. But be careful because they can burn through those luxurious coats and experience excessive shedding. Seeking warmth to an extreme, they’ll lie so close to the fireplace and heat vents that you fear they’ll roast!

Leo cats thrive in a positive environment, and they need a tremendous amount of love and admiration. They never seem to get enough lap time or petting, and their appetite for food is hearty. They love to be spoiled, but they give a great deal of love in return. However, it’s usually on their terms. If you don’t encourage and patronize them a bit, they’ll withdraw and brood for a while. This little Lion must be given incredible amounts of affection.

Leo cats are very verbal and will have long conversations with you. One meow is seldom enough. They’re rarely shy and have a magnificent deep, throaty purr. They greet people at the door and follow them from room to room.

Always the instigator, Leo marches around your home like the Pied Piper, with everyone following behind. If another cat usurps his position, the Lion will most likely stalk off and sulk, awaiting the fond caresses of his “subjects”–¯you and other members of your household. This little cub plays many roles, including your mother or your baby, depending on whether he’s in a giving or a receiving mood. He’s sunny by nature and will play with, pounce on, and tease all who enter his kingdom.

Leo usually takes center stage. If you’re giving affection to another person or animal, he’s sure to get in the middle. Make a special effort to not let him push another cat away from you; correct him gently and tell him he’ll have his turn.

The Leo hates to be scolded or demeaned publicly. He doesn’t understand the meaning of “wrong”¯ or “bad.”¯ He thinks he’s always right. However, he does have a great sense of fair play.

Just like Leo people, Leo cats are as theatrical as they are regal. Leo cats need a lot of stimulation, and they love new toys, tiring of old ones quickly. Guard against accidents with Leos, as they often don’t think before they leap. Like Tigger, they can find themselves up the proverbial tree with no easy way down.

Leos love to be watched and admired. If your Leo does not fit this profile, he may have had less-than-perfect care by humans during the critical first six weeks of his life, which is truly what is needed to have close, trusting relationships with humans.

Be patient and remember to lavish him with praise and affection. You’ve got a star on your hands, so be prepared to be his fan.

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