Attune Yourself To The Voice Of Spirit

How do you attune yourself to the voice of spirit? Spirit is hard to listen to if you are enmeshed in your old beliefs and social conditioning, for the following reasons:

Spirit is not verbal like other thoughts in your head. It comes as insight, an ďaha!Ē that makes you see things in a new light. Spirit doesnít argue or try to persuade. It shows you what is real in a given situation, pure and simple.

Spirit doesnít say ďIf you donít do this, that will follow.Ē There are no ultimatums or threats. Spirit doesnít communicate in terms of right and wrong. Whatever you decide to do, spirit will support you.

Spirit always makes you feel better about yourself, but it may pose choices that take courage, patience, and faith. You canít make spirit do anything. It speaks when it wants to, but you can be sure that it will speak at the right time. Spirit never comes from anything but love.

Am I angry or anxious? Am I suspicious or doubtful? Do I feel overwhelmed by whatís going on around me? Is somebody else trying to make up my mind for me? Is my body tense or feeling discomfort? Has this happened to me before? Am I just repeating a past scenario? So I have to have things turn out a certain way? Do I feel Iím in danger?

These are signals from your ego, far removed from spirit despite the fact that we act on such signals all the time. It is in the absence of these ego signals that spirit is speaking to you. One kind of signal canít be converted to the other. If you act on spirit you will see results that you never expected, such as these: Your fears will no longer come true. Your happiness will no longer depend on expectations. You will feel safe. You will feel loved.

As you begin to heed spirit, you can only increase in love Ė passion for life will appear naturally. We are like empty vessels being endlessly refilled with spirit. To be in love with someone is to share this inexhaustible flow. Love shares awareness and being; it is a silent communication that unites two people more and more in a spiritual reality unknown outside their intimacy. They have reclaimed their lives by becoming authors of their own reality.

Adapted from The Path to Love, by Deepak Chopra (Three Rivers Press, 1997).


Lean Towards Y.
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It's within and with out us.

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Victor M5 years ago

Probably, I'm deaf for this

Parvez Zuberi
Parvez Zuberi5 years ago

Thanks for the article

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Janice P6 years ago

Very good article.

Maryann Mancini
Maryann Mancini6 years ago

Deepak always offer such insightful advice. Thank you.

D. T.
D. T.6 years ago

Wonderful advice, couldn't have come at a better time! Thank You

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Deborah Wasko
Past Member 6 years ago

Get rid of all unnecessary fears and clutter, replace the space with love, freely given, without expectation of reward ... that will follow unexpectedly and often -- but not always ... don't close, try again, it gets easier with practice.

Helen Camren
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"Amen" does not mean, "Bye, I'm outta here."

Maybe Higher Power has something to say.

Let "Amen" mean. "Now, I'm listening. Is there something you want to say to me?" Relax and listen.

Higher Power has been talking to anyone who will listen all the way from Genesis through Revelations.