Aurora Borealis Lights Up Minnesota

The Northern Lights fueled by solar eruptions, put on a spectacular display in Minnesota, filling the night sky with shades of purple and gold. Photo Credit: GuideGunnar – Arctic Norway via Flickr.

Aurora Borealis Lights Up Minnesota 

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Dale Overall

Delightful, remember watching a lot of these when younger in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. We lived on the edge of the city with a lot fewer lights than there is now and we always were entertained by these lively light shows at night when these came our way. Still see some now although I no longer live in Ottawa.
Lovely video and sound, especially the thunder and the Spring Peeper frog calls. I just it on Facebook so others could also see it.

june t.
reft h5 years ago

I hope people were able to see these in real life. I used to live in the north and used to see them quite often, either white or green, usually. When you see them in real life you just stare at the sky in awe, and you don't even notice the cold, you just can't help watching it shift across the sky, like a curtain blowing in the breeze...

Alicia N.
Alicia N5 years ago

Amazing!!!! Thanks

Sheleen Addison
Sheleen Addison5 years ago

I have always wanted to see this

Doedi Matsumoto
Doedi Matsumoto5 years ago

Ahh, nature's kaleidoscope...awesome...beautiful... And does anyone else see an EYE (left one, in green w/ prominent brow) in the picture right below the title of this article?

Jane L.
Jane L5 years ago

Wow, that was spectacular! Thanks for sharing it!

Elizabeth Jobbins


Jeanette Steffi G.

I wish to one day see the northern lights.

Hilary S.
Hilary S5 years ago

what a wonder!
did you know (well i recently read, so it must be true) that a rainbow's existence depends on a viewer - no viewer, no rainbow. apparently it has something to do with the eye receiving the prismatic information. wonder if the same holds true for the aurora? makes you think...

Lisa P.
Lisa P5 years ago

This is beautiful!