4 Home Decorating Ideas for Fall

I love the bounty of nature during the fall months. Shorter days and a chill in the air remind us that we will be spending even more time in our indoor spaces. Because of this, it is more important than ever to bring nature back into our living space.

As we embrace each season and bring earthís treasures into our home, we feel more connected to the natural rhythms of the planet and consequently to our own.

Fall is a time of grounding and nesting and a reminder of earthís rich bounties. It is a time to be grateful for our amazing planet that continues to support us, and a time to recommit to doing all that we can towards her sustainability.

Since nature was our first home, we will always feel more at home when we are surrounded by the shapes, textures, objects and colors from the natural world.

Fall brings an ambiance of earthy color schemes. I love the golden yellows, burnt oranges, pumpkin spice, cranberry reds and forest greens which so wonderfully mirror the beauty of the season.

Here are some fall design ideas that will bring a coziness to your home, warm it up and remind you of the bounty of this harvest season.

  • Look for fallen tree branches in interesting shapes, discarded birdís nests and colorful leaves. Place the branch in a earthy vase and arrange the birds nest with the fall leaves below it. Then add egg-shaped stones and crystals from your own collections or dye your own blue Easter eggs and arrange them in the nests.
  • Find a horn-of-plenty basket and arrange a cornucopia of colored leaves, pumpkins, dried corn raffia and gourds in a centerpiece grouping for your dining table. I love adding rich red pomegranate to add a little hint of the coming Christmas season.
  • Dried flowers Ė especially hydrangeas make a dramatic statement when displayed in an interesting vase. A hollowed out pumpkin might be just the thing to add flair to the arrangement. (Remember, dried flowers are only vibrant for a short period of time, or they become† dust collectors.)
  • Decorative pillows in shades plucked from nature will add a touch of autumn to your home.
  • Give your lamps a new look, by adding lampshades in hues of ochre and auburn.
  • Create one fall focal point per room and allow the treasures from the natural world to bring warmth to your home† during this chillier time.

Keep it fresh and keep it simple. A few small changes can make a dramatic difference in the way you feel in your home!

Enjoy this wonderful earthy-season and embrace the opportunity nature provides to snuggle up by a fire, read a book, journal and slow down, as nature is also doing. As we allow our bodies to connect with the seasons, we come into balance and feel more connected to our lives!

Erica Sofrina is an International Speaker, Educator, Interior Design and Feng Shui Consultant and the Founder of the Academy of Feng Shui. She is the author of the book Small Changes, Dynamic Results! Feng Shui for the Western World


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A tree branch holding a nest and dyed eggs looks more like a decoration for Spring than for Fall.

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