Awaken Your Feelings

Sometimes we just shut down emotionally. You may have been so hurt or suffered such a loss that you are just numb. Or maybe you have just given up feeling because you don’t like being too vulnerable or sensitive. Learn how to banish the numbness, emotional boredom, or wall of nonfeeling about you that may have developed.

Maybe you are just going through life, feeling bored and disconnected. In any event, emotions do not go away; they simmer below the surface and, if not expressed, can create some unhealthy complexes and patterns in the unconscious mind that can lead to some bad physical and mental stuff. It may not be completely pleasant to accept and express emotions, but it is who we are as human beings.

1. Get a stack of three-by-five index cards and a pen.

2. On each card write an emotion. Make sure you write both good and bad emotions–happiness, sadness, anger, love, satisfaction, frustration, and so on. Make sure to write emotions that you know or suspect you are blocking or needing.

3. Turn all the cards face down and shuffle them about. Relax. Close your eyes. Concentrate on the image of a beautiful, safe, comfortable place, maybe a beach or a field. No one can hurt you here. You are the center of your world. Breathe, relax.

4. Say this affirmation: “I am not my feelings. They are not me. I control what I feel. It doesn’t control me.”

5. Pick a card. Look at it and open up your heart and mind to that emotion. In your mind, see all the images you associate with that emotion. Feel it. Cry, laugh, shout–do whatever feels right.

6. When you become uncomfortable, turn the card over and say, “Stop!” Put it to the side. Close your eyes and return to your beautiful place.

7. Repeat with another card. Say the affirmation, as you need to.

8. Stop when you wish to. Return to the banishing process when you like.

9. End with the affirmation. You have done some intense and powerful work–reward yourself!

Stick to the positive emotions first. If you feel it is all too much, then seek professional help.

Adapted from Clean Sweep, by Denny Sargent. Copyright (c) 2007 by Denny Sargent. Reprinted by permission of Weiser Books.
Adapted from Clean Sweep, by Denny Sargent (Weiser Books, 2007).


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Esther Jenden
Esther Jenden10 years ago

I was terribly lost I experienced religion, but never had a personal experience with God.
I was very rebelious and I didn't know why I felt so suppressed until I excepted Jesus in a personal way. God has since then started dealing with my issues I supressed for many years. It was painful, but worth it. I am getting busier every day because I want to please God. Slowly he is healing me and for the first time in my life I am becoming a healthy person.

Brittany G.
Brittany G10 years ago

I really like this exercise. I think that it helped me to open up and to think about my emotions.

Kactus Kathy
Kathleen Hilliker10 years ago

Very interesting article. Anything that can help with the stress and depression and helplessness that is growing on our Earth nowadays. There are just so many people seeking SOME WAY of coping, and releasing our inner frustrations.

Cait J.
Cait J10 years ago

We deleted the red and green pens from the article--the book didin't really explain their use. So any color pen will do--and thanks to you all for your thoughtful questions!

Dave O.
Dave H10 years ago

Hello, could you please tell me where te green and red pens are for?
M dijkerman

d h.
d h10 years ago

Bradley Lemire asked:What are the red and green pens for? I assume you would write the positive emotions in green and negative ones in red. (Just a guess)

Sandra Weisz
Sandra Weisz10 years ago

I have been so horribly mistreated and victimized by other people, and trpped and suffered such severe loss that I completely am apart from others, and there is no way any mortal is going to understand what has happened and keeps happening to me, so I turn to the Almighty, he who created all things, for deep meditation, energy balancing, prayer, but if you're living in a hellish enviroment, they are so temporary, one really has to be in a place that they belong.God helps those that help themselves.And there is always an answer to every prob lem no matter how severe, in fact the answer is inside the problem, we forget to look.

Bradley Lemire
Bradley Lemire10 years ago

What are the red and green pens for?

Kathryn Wyant
Kathryn Wyant10 years ago

I had forgotten about this technique until I read the article. I used to do this on a daily basis and I was fairly serene and patient. I took too much for granted so I stopped meditating and began suppressing. Thank you for reminding me that for things to work they need to be used. Like any tool, if you pay it no heed then it rusts and becomes unusable until you expend extensive effort to make it work again.