Aww! Dog Adopts Orphaned Kittens


Just six weeks after a cat known simply as “Kitty Kitty” gave birth to a litter of kittens, she was tragically hit by a car. Her nursing babies were orphaned, with no mother to supply them the milk their growing bodies needed. Until, luckily, Molly the American Bulldog, Kitty Kitty’s roommate, stepped in.

Molly already had her paws full — she had given birth to a litter of three puppies just one day before the kittens were born. That means, of course, that Molly is able to nurse not just her own litter, but the orphaned felines as well. According to the animals’ human companion, 84-year-old Elbert Bristow, the kittens follow Molly around as if she were their mother. He told the Dothan Eagle,

“Normally they stay with her five or 10 minutes. She lays down and lets them eat… It is unusual, very unusual. Really they’re natural enemies. Most dogs can’t stand cats.”

For now, Bristow is separating the puppies and kittens, and plans to give most away.

For video of the mother and her adopted kittens, click to the next page!

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Carlene V.
Carlene V5 years ago

Wonderful story and sorry to learn the mama cat was killed.

@ Phyl M - Not a very nice thing to say and make it your only reply to this story..shame on you!

Teresa Cowley
Teresa Cowley5 years ago

What a wonderful mother Molly is--kudos to you Miss Molly!!

Winn Adams
Winn Adams5 years ago

Aren't animals wonderful!

Veronique L.
Veronique L5 years ago

Nice doggie...

Magdalen B.
Magdalen B5 years ago

Elbert Bristow believes cats and dogs to be "natural enemies". There seems to be some evidence that he is mistaken.

Jude Hand
Judith Hand5 years ago

Just beautiful! As she got up, it occurred to me that Molly must be pretty sore...and yet she's extended herself beyond her own pups, and wagging her tail the whole time. Lovely. Having seen another video with a pup and a kitten growing up together, I kind of wish that the pups and kittens can have that experience. Anyway, go Molly!

Cindy B.
Cindy B5 years ago

It's so sad that many people see this and can only offer criticisms. F'rinstance: "You let the mama cat run free, and that's why she got hit!"

However I do firmly support "fixing" all animals.... certainly all of mine have been spayed or neutered, and I urge all my friends/neighbors to do the same. So that criticism was more justified. Every time a puppy or kitten gets a new home, some other baby goes wanting...

The video was lovely; thanks.

Joan S.
Joan S5 years ago

cute story but why separate them?

Lynne S.
Lynne S5 years ago

Why are they not spayed? Spaying and neutering is available at reduced cost for seniors in most areas. It is tragic that the animals were not spayed in the first place and even more so because their owner lets them roam; the roaming that first resulted in pregnancy has now allowed the momma's death leaving the babies as orphans! It is nice that the mother dog is helping but this situatioin should have never happened to begin with. It is not a lovely story!!
Everyone please take a look at our shelters - they all have too many animals- then spay and neuter your pets!

Danuta Watola
Danuta W5 years ago