Balancing Your Body’s Cycles

We go through so many experiences in life that it is difficult to be aware of the actual basis for comfort; many psychological and physical factors are blended into every moment of existence. But nature has programmed us biologically with rhythms and cycles that remain strikingly similar for most people.The balance of opposites that must be maintained in order for the body to resist disorder. It is necessary that we think, feel, and move in balanced cycles.

We are awash in a tide of balance and imbalance surging back and forth. Dozens of bodily functions are disturbed every second, meaning that any fixed definition of health becomes meaningless–one might as easily try to define a symphony by stopping the orchestra on one chord.

Food, water, and air flow through us in rhythmic patterns determined by dozens of variables, and residues of experience are built up like shifting sand dunes. Structure and motion, the fixed and the changing, both count.

Your doctor may tell you that you have a resting pulse of 80, blood pressure of 120/70, and body temperature of 98.6 degrees, all of which are considered normal. Yet this assessment is purely for convenience. Such measurements are good only for the moment they are taken, for each dances around its balance point, creating the music of the living body.


Adapted from Ageless Body, Timeless Mind, by Deepak Chopra (Three Rivers Press, 1998).


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DC took the words out of my head!

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Excellent reminder for us - keeping us informed of our physical body's wisdom and all 'it' does for our overall well-being as we live in this world. I try to get more in tune with my body as the decades continue,... Growing up in the MidWest, we didn't have much guidance regarding the wisdom of the body or 'listening' to the cues our physical energy sends to us. However, on the West Coast there is much more attention to such ideas. Here we have so many cultures available to offer insights and collective wisdom. I want to continue learning how to appreciate this marvelous physical intelligence - of which all that I do is made possible. The spirit is made manifest in the body. It's only wise to 'listen.' Namaste - and good health to All.

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