Bear Bile Company Could Have IPO

The initial public offering that is garnering the most media is Facebook’s, due to the billions of dollars in value the shareholders have. However, one in China for a company making products from bear bile is of more importance in the realm of ethics, and is angering many animal supporters. Gui Zhen Tang keeps 400 black bears in captivity to extract their bile. If they have a successful IPO, the money the receive from selling shares may be used to expand their bear population to 12,000, according to Want China Times. That a company abuses and exploits innocent animals in such a cruel manner just to make money is hideous.

Abusing 400 bears is bad enough, and bear bile farming should be outlawed, but how many potential stock purchasers would be unaware of what they supporting if they buy shares of Gui Zhen Tang? The company applied for an IPO approval from the government a year ago, when it appeared the officials were not going to allow it. Now the company’s application has moved up near the top of the applicant list and is under review again.

Last March, in Hong Kong there was a protest against their potential IPO.

One of the reasons bears in Asia are kept in cages for bile extraction is there aren’t many left after years of over hunting. Even bears in North America have been hunted and killed for their gallbladders, to support Asian demand.

Making matters worse, is the fact bear bile is not even a necessary ingredient for products sold claiming health benefits. Over fifty herbal or human-made alternatives not containing bear bile are already available for consumers, according to Animals Asia. Not only are bear bile products suspect as ‘medicine’, taking them can actually cause damage to the kidneys and liver. Last year one man died in Vietnam after using bear bile. The belief in certain ‘medicines’ having the capacity to cure hangovers or impotence is nothing more than ignorant superstition. It is the same belief driving demand for rhino horn, which is responsible for the deaths of many rhinos.

We consumers must be informed about the consequences of our investments and purchases, or we may be causing great harm.


Image Credit: Sarbajit Pal

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Debbie Crowe
Debbie Crowe5 years ago

I hope Gui Zhen Tang's application does NOT get approved and that they get shut down. There is no reason for that industry with modern medicine available.

Why can't they open a restaurant instead of abusing these sweet bears?

Marieanne Phillips

Do these people even know that bear bile is not necessary for the health and well being of humans or they know but just don't care. What is it with these people? Lets not make this about nationality, because I won't change the questions. They seem to think that this is their medicine tradition and that facts are still not going to stop them from this cruel practice. Is it about making the money or is it about helping people keep their heath?

Berny P.
Berny p5 years ago

this has nothing to do with racism, this has to do with horiffic animal abuse/mutulation from a culture that has not joined the 21st century, and make mankind a disgrace.

TERRY R5 years ago


Teresa Wlosowicz
Teresa W5 years ago

What is IPO?

Masha Samoilova
Past Member 5 years ago

hope not

Sonya Armenia Redfield

I don't like china because it is a nasty place for animals & i have always said it needs wiping out !!!!!!!!!!!


Hope they really do stop torturing the poor beers like that

Barbara P.
Barbara P.5 years ago

This is a sick practise - release these beautiful creatures or live with your conscience and remain forever in hell !

Dianne H.
Past Member 5 years ago

Moon Bear Rescue Online Petition - Until the Cruelty ENDS

Animals (tags: Moon Bear, Bear Farm, AnimalCruelty, AnimalWelfare, cruelty, sadness, suffering, abused, animalrights )

- 9 minutes ago -

In June 2000, an unprecedented agreement was signed in Beijing, Sichuan and Hong Kong between Chinese officials and AAF to co-operate on a major rescue of 500 bears in Sichuan Province with the long-term goal of ending bear farming.