Bear Cub Shot by Hunter

A two-year old black bear cub named Hope, living in Minnesota, became an Internet sensation and even has supporters on Facebook–but recently it disappeared and the assumption is that a hunter shot it. The cub’s mother was the first to give birth online via streaming video. Who shoots such a young bear?

The mother, Lily the Black Bear, has over 130,000 likes on Facebook. The administrators wrote this in an update about Hope, “Her death is a tragedy. There is so much more we all could have learned. Her death is a blow to science, education, the region, and us, including all of you. But it is not the end. It is a hurdle. We’ll all continue to do the best we can with what is left.” (Source:

Another group has a page with information about protecting Minnesota’s bears. This group has over 1,400 likes. Some disturbed people have made a page advocating for the hunting of Lily also. Just seventy likes have been recorded for this group. If you are on FaceBook you can report this page for graphic violence, and it might be removed. The Report Page function is on the left side, in about the middle of the page vertically. Is the Hope hunter secretly lurking there?

The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources has asked hunters to not shoot bears wearing radio collars, because they are research bears contributing to knowledge of conservation. The radio collars allow scientists to track their movements and analyze their behavior. Hope was collared several times, but managed to get the collar off each time.

In this recent video you can see Lily the mother, with her other cub, Faith.

To see an example of a two-year old bear cub, watch the video below. This is not Hope the bear, but one similar in age and behavior.

Image Credit: Panda Monia

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Natasha Salgado
Past Member 4 years ago

Where is he...give me the sad and completely senseless. What a callous ignorant baffoon.

Sheri Schongold
Sheri Schongold5 years ago

Whoever shot this baby should be shot as well.

Gianna Macias
Gianna Macias5 years ago

When are these criminals going to be stopped. They kill babies, they torture animals, they abandon and neglect they loyal dogs and they shoot and kill humans When is this carnage going to end. No wonder the creator is sending us his wrath.

Jake R.
Jake R6 years ago

I clicked the link and it took me right to the Lily Bear with a Bounty page.

Emma Davey
Emma D6 years ago

i couldn't find the facebook page for hunting lily - the link leads to facebook's homepage - so perhaps it has been taken down, thankfully!

Diane L.
Diane L6 years ago

Sad, in a way, but c'mon people! Black Bears are not endangered, and most states have a bear hunting season. A two-yr-old is not a "cub", and size-wise is about full grown. I don't think hunters need to get I.D. and proof of age before shooting, do they?

Sheri P.
Sheri P6 years ago

Senseless! Why would anyone want to kill a bear cub?

Adrianne P.
A P6 years ago

I hope the hunter gets eaten by a bear in the future.

Past Member
Marisa H6 years ago

Hunters, they proclaim to be nature and wildlife lovers. These people are violent, blood-thirsty, cowards and menaces to society. They are murderers! Let's put a "tag" on hunters and let them be hunted to extinction!

Sharon Fenderson
Sharon Fenderson6 years ago

As an avid Animal lover (I am compelled to capitalize the "A in Animal" out of respect) that it saddens me to constantly read about the cruelty that continues on this earth and in this century, of its most innocent and vulnerable of creatures. Animals are constantly being brutally abused, exploited, killed or destroyed!!! And, by who else...a damn idiot of-a-humanbeing that could give a speck of dusts worth of anything "living" and fragile. It's all about themselves and their evil desire or drive to seek and abolish all for the [thrill] of the kill! I swear that there are times when I am so ashamed of being human. Then again, when I read the blogs on this site from readers just like myself and/or blogs from other wonderful and worthwhile causes, it simply reminds me that although the ignorant are amongst is our advocacy that we, as protectors or protesters can do, is to continually educate people by doing the best we can by example- in order to coexsist respectfully, lovingly and peacefully.
R.I.P. Hope. May you and Jason be set free of this sad place we call earth.