Best Green Holiday Decorating

As easy as it may be to drop that artificial garland in the shopping cart, weíve found that green decorating for the holidays is healthier, cheaper, prettier and so much more satisfying. Deck your halls with our favorite eco-friendly winter decor ideas and start dreaming of a green Christmas.

Decorate with Nature
Use evergreens. Itís good to remember the undying green when the natural world sleeps. Fragrant and bristling with good energy, evergreens are the quintessential symbol of this season. Heap them in vases and jugs, garland your doorways, banisters, mirrors, or mantelpieces, place a sprig or two underneath the bows on your gift packages. Put them in an old workboot to place by the door, or a twig basket for the bedside table, or a pretty mug for the kitchen counter. Evergreens add festive cheer to every room in the house. For more ideas about decorating with items found outside: Decorating with Winter Nature Magic.

Make Organic Twinklers
Holiday candles nested in fruits or vegetables are a creative way to light up a room, and an excellent reason to forgo traditional holiday candleholders for a more “natural” alternative. Read on for how to make an Orange Clove Twinkler and other clever decorating tricks: Winter Holiday Eco-Decorating.

Decorate with Edibles
Make garlands with dried bay leaves, small lady apples, dried figs, cinnamon sticks and more. Just thread a needle and start stringing! For lots of fun food decorating ideas: Decorating with Food.

Make Your Own Ornaments
Make, bake and decorate using this recipe for homemade ornaments. The dough is very easy to work with, and once baked the ornaments are very firm and easy to paint. For the recipe, and another fun ornament idea, see: Recipes for Homemade Holiday Ornaments.

Create an Indoor Sanctuary
We can all benefit from spending time in a little quiet corner where we can find our center, and be recharged. All you need is a private place and a candle, although some of us also like to include photos or statues or gifts from nature in our sanctuary spot. Taking time out to simply gaze at a lighted candle is one way to commune with the inner stillness that brings such peace in the midst of frantic activity. For more holiday lighting tips: Seven Easy, Energizing Ways to Light up the Holidays.

By the Care2 Green Living Staff


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