Best Ways to Cut Waste

My fiancť and I recently had a conversation about the best ways to live an eco-friendly lifestyle.† He suggested that reducing consumption is the most effective way to cut down on waste.† He is very good at curbing his consumption. †He buys what he can through Craig’s List and other peer-to-peer transactions, frequents thrift stores, and turns milk crates in to entertainment centers.

I pointed out that recycling, composting, and opting for green and natural products when possible are important methods, as well.† Ultimately, we agreed that both approaches are important.† Cutting down consumption will likely have the largest impact.† Furthermore, not only is cutting back eco-friendly, it also combats the corporate, consumer oriented zeitgeist impacting American culture.† However, even those who choose to consume less will still need to engage in some level of consumption, so purchasing green products and recycling and composting those items will be beneficial, as well.



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Limit the number of children you have.

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It's extremely frustrating to try making a smaller footprint when all around waste is happening on a daily basis.

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we compost and reuse. we need to review some of the products we buy and see if there is a more sustainable version. 1 Million Women campaign suggests that women, as many are household organisers, hold the big shop decisions; it calls for for such house hold decisions to be more sustainable.