Big Room, Tiny Space: 6 Kitchens That Boast Creative Design

No matter what size, the kitchen is one of the most important rooms in the house. Case in point: Here are six ingenious spaces—some no larger than a closet—that are minuscule yet highly functional.

Above: A compact kitchen tucked under a stairwell in the Broome Street loft project by Loading Dock 5 Architecture in New York. Photo by Sophie Munro.

Above: This galley kitchen in London by Mlinaric, Henry & Zervudachi features walls of framed photographs and kitchen implements either hung from hooks or mounted directly on the wall for quick access.

Above: Brooklyn design firm Workstead integrated a tiny kitchen corner into the living area of this small, one-bedroom apartment; originally seen in Dwell.

Above: A tiny kitchen in a revamped carriage house in Oakland by SF architect Christi Azevedo.

Above: A kitchen in the Studiomama Beach Chalet located on the coast of England.

Above: Originally seen in the New York Times, this tiny cottage kitchen is located in Helsinki; photo by Andreas Meichsner.

If you’re looking for more kitchen ideas and inspiration, visit Remodelista’s Room Gallery to browse more than 1000 images of kitchens in houses, restaurants, and apartments.


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Dale O.

The one at the bottom looks somewhat inviting with a lot of window space to see the greenery outside.

I prefer a more warm looking kitchen with pine wood walls, some of these look a bit cold and clinical.

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