Power Animals for Energy Centers in Your Body

People throughout history and in every part of the world have relied on power animals or animal totems to give them guidance, healing, and help. You can find out which animals are your special helpers for several important energy centers in your body. These animals can help you stay strong and balanced, healed and focused in these four important areas.

Find out which animals help your heart, your throat, your Third Eye, and your solar plexus, here:

First, find some time when you will not be disturbed. Take a moment to relax, and make an agreement with yourself to let whatever comes to your mind simply be there, without judging. Close your eyes.

1. First, focus on your heart-center, the area of friendship, love, and intimacy. Put your hand on your chest. Let your chest enjoy and feel the warmth of your hand, and your hand feel and enjoy the warmth of your chest. Now ask for an animal to come to you through your heart. Imagine it. This is your Heart Animal.

2. Now place your hand on your throat, the area of communication. Ask an animal to come to your through your throat. What animal comes to mind? This is your Throat Animal.

3. Now place your hand on your forehead, the area of intuition and creativity. Ask an animal to come to you through your forehead. This is your Third Eye Animal.

4. Now place your hand on the area below your ribs in the center of your body. This is your power center or solar plexus. Ask for an animal to come to you through your solar plexus. This is your Solar Plexus Animal.

5. Now picture all four of your animals: Heart, Throat, Third Eye, and Solar Plexus. How would they relate to each other in real life? How do they relate to each other within you? Which ones have conflicts with each other? Which ones get along? Which ones donít?

Inspired by How to Read Signs and Omens in Everyday Life, by Sarvananda Bluestone (Inner Traditions, 2002).


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