Books On Bikes For Good

When I was growing up, back to school time ushered in the bookmobile to my block. Once a week, the local library would load books into a van and bring them to the families in my neighborhood. The community kids would line up waiting for the bookmobile to make its appearance. Once inside, the van was lined with books and the librarian was always available to help. If you wanted a specific book, all you needed to do was ask and next week the librarian would have that book behind the counter with your name on it. The bookmobile was a good thing.

Spotted on the Springwise site, the Institute of Green Mobility in Brazil has found a simple solution to bringing books to disadvantaged areas. Bicicloteca, is a tricycle that functions as a mobile library.

The tricycle was created to bring books to homeless people. The books are delivered to those living in areas with no access to a library, or those who cannot afford to buy books. It serves as a lightweight mode of transportation, able to navigate village squares and hard to reach places. The trike doesn’t require a driver’s license and it does not generate any fuel costs. The books are received by donation and stamped to remind the reader to pass them on. Thus, creating a continuous cycle of reading.

Bicicloteca promotes a green solution, encourages reading and collaborates with the needs of communities. Does the library in your community extend beyond its doors?

Photo Credit: Springwise


Danial Woolworth
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Love the idea

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Love it!

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Lin M
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This is a really great idea for anyplace.

Danuta Watola
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Thank you for sharing.

Joanna Perry
Joanna P5 years ago

In Swaziland our disadvantaged families lose out terribly on childrens' books, cheaper, secondhand ones being very rare. The animal welfare charity sells donated secondhand books to raise money for their objectives, a primary one being to sterilize and vaccinate as many dogs and cats as possible to prevent more children dying of rabies, but turn away many disappointed customers for lack of childrens' books. If you would like to do a very big good turn and donate to two good causes (Swaziland Animal Welfare Society is audited by KPMG), please send cartons of secondhand childrens' books. Sadly, you would please understand the need for you to pay all shipment and customs costs also as the resale value is low and the amount raised at sales is small. Email via the website What happens to all the secondhand childrens' books?

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Thank you Ronnie, for Sharing this!

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good news