Boost Your Libido With Vitamin B

By Rachel Venokur-Clark, Green Options

B vitamins help to regulate the sex organs. The amount of Vitamin B in the body is correlated with the amount of sex hormones released. Vitamin B deficiencies can lead to lethargy and fatigue, which usually means more sleep and rest is needed, not sex. Bs also play a large role in brain function and cognition and may be useful in relieving minor depression and anxiety. Each specific B vitamin offers your body something different in regard to your overall health as well as your sex health. Vegans need to pay especially close attention to their B intake, especially B12, to ensure that all their B vitamin needs are met. Also, as we age, this specific nutrient is not absorbed as well as it is when we are young. Those sexy elders need to keep an eye on their B levels as well if they want to keep the passion alive in the bedroom.

It is quite easy to meet all your B needs with a plant-based diet, as long you are paying attention to what you are putting in your mouth. Ideally, you always want to get your vitamins directly from your food, but if you find yourself stranded in the desert, far from a grocery store, you can always supplement with a B complex. Since each B delivers different health and sex related fun to our bodies, here is a breakdown of each with specific sexy veggie food choices for that particular B.

-Enhances circulation, which allows blood to flow not only to your heart but below the belt as well.
-Boosts energy levels and is needed for optimizing brain function. We all know you need a little energy to get it on and that for us gals, foreplay begins with our minds.
-Has antioxidant affects, which can protect our bodies from aging. The younger we feel and look, the more confident and sexy we are.
B1 Sexy Veggie Food Sources: brown rice, peanuts, peas, sea vegetables like dulse flakes and kelp, wheat germ, rice bran and most whole grains

B2 Riboflavin:
-Aids in the metabolism of carbohydrates, fats and proteins. If we are not metabolizing the food we eat properly, we are storing it, usually as fat.
-Facilitates the use of oxygen by the tissues of our hair, skin and nails keeping us looking young, vibrant and sexy.
B2 Sexy Veggie Food Sources: legumes, spinach and whole grains

B 3-Niacin:
-Needed for healthy skin and proper circulation, which can actually help to enhance your skin’s tactile sensation, making each touch feel that much more exciting.
-It is also involved in the synthesis of sex hormones, affecting how your body uses those hormones and can help to lower bad cholesterol.
B3 Sexy Veggie Food Sources: brewer’s/nutritional yeast, carrots, broccoli, tomatoes, potatoes, wheat germ, whole wheat, dandelion greens, dates and peanuts

B5-Pantothenic Acid:
-Affects the production of the adrenal hormones and is said to help reduce stress which can really help put you in the right mood. If your adrenals are not working properly, your stamina may be lowered, your libido will be lower, you will feel more stressed and may even sweat more from very little physical activity, which isn’t really a turn on for most people.
B5 Sexy Veggie Food Sources: brewer’s/nutritional yeast, legumes, most raw vegetables, mushrooms, nuts, whole wheat and royal honey (if you are not a strict vegan)

-Helps to reduce symptoms of PMS and acts as a mild diuretic. No one wants to get their groove on when they are retaining water, feeling bloated and are moody to top it all off.
-Helps to protect the heart muscle from a chemical called homocystein, which allows cholesterol to deposit. When the heart is in tip top shape, the risk of erectile dysfunction lessons.
B6 Sexy Veggie Food Sources: brewer’s/nutritional yeast, spinach, sunflower seeds, carrots, peas, walnuts, avocado, bananas, beans, blackstrap molasses, tempeh, soybeans, dulse, broccoli and whole grains.

-Aids in fertility and can help to ward off impotence. Enough said.
-Required for proper digestion and absorption of food, which allows us to use our food as fuel and energy. More energy equals more sex.
B12 Sexy Veggie Foods: brewer’s/nutritional yeast and sea vegetables including dulse, kelp, kombu and nori.

So, have you had your Bs today?


Miley H.
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amazing that vitamins B can be so beneficial, they work as Viagra, I am joking.

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