Boxer Uses Vegan Diet

Some people say they have concerns about energy levels dropping on vegan diets, but it may be they aren’t eating the full range of foods available, and therefore are missing nutrients.

The professional boxer Timothy Bradley Jr. specifically goes vegan when training for a fight, and will do so again before he fights Manny Pacquiao June 9 in Las Vegas. He uses a vegan diet because he believes it provides more energy not less. “I was able to outwork a lot of my opponents,” he said after trying it following the suggestion of a trainer. (Source: Wall Street Journal)

Bradley lives in Palm Springs, California where the Palm Greens Cafe is located. They have created a smoothie for him called “Bradley’s Ultra Green.” The drink contains spinach, kale, mint, ginger, probiotic, bananas, aloe vera, apple juice and spirulina. One of the misconceptions related to meat eating and sports is that meat is needed for growing muscle mass.

“In reality, people have no greater need for animal protein than do gorillas or elephants, both of whom have far bigger muscles than we do, yet are plant eaters. It comes as a surprise for people to learn that essential amino acids are made by plants, not by animals. We can get them from animals, but somewhere along the food chain they originally came from plants. Generally, if vegans eat a variety of plant foods (legumes, nuts, seeds, vegetables, fruits and grains) and consume sufficient calories, protein needs will be met,” said Brenda Davis, RD and co-author of Becoming Raw. (Source: Green Planet)

If you don’t follow boxing, Manny Pacquiao is one of the most successful boxers in history, so Bradley’s shot in the ring with him is clearly his biggest fight. The fact he is using a vegan diet to train for it is already drawing some public attention, but if he wins it surely will prove to the many doubters a meatless diet is not a disadvantage. It might be an advantage – pro racer Spencer Pumpelly said being vegan helped him lose about 20 pounds.

A vegan diet is better for the planet because about 51 percent of human-generated climate change emissions come from livestock agriculture.

Image Credit: Peggy Greb, Public Domain

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Dale O.

Heather Enid W says that people competing in sports have to be 'crazy' to eat meat because of the possibility of getting a positive for steroids in the drug testing process. That is simply a bogus argument since athletes are able to obtain organic meat, raised away from factory farms. Organic non-factory farm meat has no growth hormones, no antibiotics nor any ticking GMO time bombs from non-specific species feed. Your straw man has fallen down. Most athletes have the sense to eat organic veggies as well staying away from nasty pesticides.

One can eat a balanced organic diet be it omnivore, vegan or vegetarian and still be healthy and drug trace test free in athletics.

Angie V.
Angie V4 years ago

Boxing and vegeterian? Awesome!

Mandi A.
Amanda A5 years ago

Thank you!

Sarah M.
Sarah M5 years ago

Cool, vegan pride!

Karen C.
Karen C5 years ago

Being Vegetarian/Vegan can eliminate multiple health problems. Try it for 30 days, if you are concerned about your health, have your doctor give you a complete physical before and after. Then decide what is best for you.

Heather Enid Wells
.5 years ago

Anybody competing in sport who has to undergo dope tests would have to be crazy to eat meat, as any trace of steroids or other banned substances will show up, leading to a ban. And, unless you know for sure where your meat came from, you never know whether the prescribed time has elapsed between the unfortunate animal's treatment and slaughter or, even then, whether the substance has cleared sufficiently. The regulations on this are only sufficient to protect human health (supposedly), but minute quantities show up in dope tests, and can lead to the otherwise innocent meat-eater getting convicted as a cheat.

So a vegan diet is pretty sensible for sportspersons in training and competition.

Anne Mueller
Anne M5 years ago

Thanks for this article! :)

Miranda R.
Miranda R5 years ago

I have heard the argument that gorillas and elephants don't need meat to become enormous in size, but you must remember that these are vegetarian animals. Their bodies are genetically designed to easily convert plants into protein. Humans have a different genetic structure, and are omnivorous by evolution, but that's not to say that we HAVE to eat meat, it's a choice, but we definitely evolved eating meat, and that is a scientific fact. There is a 'preditory paradox' here on planet earth that is very hard for some of us (including myself) to understand...birds eat butterflies, cats eat birds, sharks eat seals, lions eat zebras, chimpanzees sometimes eat other species of monkeys, the list goes on. Most of the animals we consider 'food' are vegetarian animals which is also interesting. Being vegan is a personal choice, and certainly possible with the advent of vitamins and B12 supplements. Are we experiencing a sudden evolution, I hope? ;) Personally, I would love to subsist on a solely on a plant based diet, but find it hard to sustain in the long term. Also, the numbers of 51 percent of human climate change emissions coming from livestock (I don't eat red meat anyhow) are the highest end of the spectrum. The numbers have been estimated anywhere from 18-51%. The most greenhouse gases still come from the burning of fossil fuels.The solution is for everyone to eat less animal products, control population growth, and come up with new technologies that will help save our planet fr

Laurie D.
Laurie D5 years ago

Thank you for clearing up many misconceptions! Plants are so much better for us than meat and have everything we need to stay healthy! In fact, statistically, those who eat plants only (vegetarian or vega) tend to be MUCH healthier than those eating large quantities of meat.

Diane S.
Deanne S5 years ago

Great article !