Boycott Reebok: Sexist Company

Reebok stoops to an all-time low with its misogynistic advertising campaign, which instructs presumably men to “Cheat on Your Girlfriend, Not on Your Workout.” And, considering the company was just handed a $25 million fine for false product claims, that’s saying something.

The advertisement appeared throughout Germany but has since been pulled due to an outraged public response via Twitter. A spokesperson for the ad Dan Sarro was quoted in one article for having said: “The signs were removed as soon as we were made aware of them. I can assure you that Reebok does not condone this message or cheating in any way. We apologize for the offensive nature of these materials, and are disappointed that they appeared at all.”

If Reebok does not condone this message or cheating, why did the company have such an ad created, authorize it for public release, and authorize the large sums of money that were spent on such an ad? Let’s face it: in the corporate world, many signatures are typically required for an advertising campaign to finally become public. Not only is Reebok’s message unacceptable, promoting infidelity, being pro-cheating at all, and downright disgusting to women, the company clearly lacks accountability for its disturbing ad.

This type of derogatory corporate practice is inexcusable. Tell Reebok that women are worth far more than any workout, deserve the respect of the men (or women) they date, and that misogynistic ads are unacceptable.

What You Can Do:
-Boycott Reebok products–don’t pay a cent for this type of abuse toward women;
-E-mail the company to share your thoughts;
-Write a letter to the corporate leaders of Reebok who are showing no leadership at all;
-Send them a message via Twitter;
-Tell everyone you know so they can boycott Reebok as well.


Chad A.
Chad Anderson5 years ago

Marketing sure comes up with some really dumb ideas...

Danuta Watola
Danuta W5 years ago


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g d c5 years ago


Carol Byram
Past Member 5 years ago

so long reebok, you rat bastards

Monica D.
Monica D5 years ago

I have not bought anything from Reebok for many years. Nor will I start.

Lynn C.
Lynn C5 years ago

You bet I will boycott and sign the petition. Thanks for the heads up Michelle.

J.L. A.
j A5 years ago

good to know

San Matajs
San Matajs5 years ago

I say boycott all shoes that's made of animal skin!

Samantha Shira
Samantha Shira5 years ago

wow, reebok needs to get it together...

Waltraud U.
Waltraud U5 years ago

Yes I´ll write these idiots. I have a lot comments for can copy to them.
Thank you !