Brag About Your Pet!

If you are a parent to humans, society gives you frequent opportunities to brag about your children. But what about pet parents? It’s only fair that we get equal opportunity. So, let’s create a place to brag about our pets. Whether your dog just learned to sit on cue, passed his Canine Good Citizen test, or your cat greets you at the door… what makes you proud of your pets?

Both of my dogs are career-change dogs from Guide Dogs for the Blind, yet they have completely contrasting personalities and didn’t pass the test to become guide dogs for different reasons. Gina, my three-year-old petite black Labrador, was career-changed due to dog distraction. She also has a naturally very high drive, which wasn’t suitable for guide dog work, but is perfect for the sport of dog agility. I am proud of her ability to stay focused on me, in the midst of being around hundreds of dogs. My brag about Gina is her agility run from last weekend’s trial. I love it that she is completely focused on me and her tail never stops wagging.

Sanchez, my nine-year-old yellow Lab pictured above, didn’t pass, because… well, he was just too much dog. He clearly never really wanted to work as a guide dog. He has a mind of his own and wanted to just be a dog. He’s gotten his paws wet in agility, musical canine freestyle, acting (as Helen Keller’s dog in The Miracle Worker), as the mascot at my music school, and he also just gets to be a dog. This video shows him in his early days of musical canine freestyle, dancing to my performance of Chopin’s Fantasie-Impromptu.

Do you have a brag about your pet (of any species) you care to share? Thanks for posting it in a comment below.


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William C
William Cabout a month ago

Thank you.

W. C
W. Cabout a month ago

Thanks for the article.

Shanti S.
S S4 years ago

Thank you.

Jerry L.
Jerry L.5 years ago

Being proud of the accomplishments of your pet and the equally important relationship with your pet is only natural. The harder thing to tolerate is the judging and evaluating of others when we don't quite get the ribbon, trophy, certificate, score etc.
There's a saying that everyone loves you when you're not winning. Things are different when you do and do consistently. There certainly is no shortage of egos especially in competitive events.

Vicky Pitchford
Vicky P5 years ago

love my black kitten, sweetie, she's unique and so lovable

David V.
David V5 years ago

Mari G. - you need to understand that to most people their pets ARE their children or are treated like their children. How would you like some one to tell you that you are over-doing it when you talk about your child.

I brag about my child (my dog) to anyone who will listen.....I treat her better than most people treat their children.

Mari Garcia
Mari Garcia5 years ago

As with kids, bragging about pets should be limited to when they do something new or asked how theya re doing. Unless it's a funny story, then share it. I have a child but no pets, I try to keep the kids-chat more with people who have kids or apprechiate kids. Same rules should apply to pets. Don't get me wrong, I don't mind hearing about people's pets, but I've also hear some people over-do it.

Carrie Anne Brown

just watched the video :) thanks for sharing :)

Barbara Ferrucci Young
Barbara F5 years ago

I always brag about my Mystic! She was a rescue at age 6 and she's the smartest, sweetest, kindest, prettiest, little girl I've ever known!
Now, what would you like me to brag about? The way she dances for her treats? The little crooked smile she has that makes me laugh when I'm sad? Maybe the way she runs FAST all around the living room, when I say go FAST!!
I just can't think of anything right now to brag about. I'll get back to you later when I think of something, ok?

Suzette L.
Suzette Leleu5 years ago

My dog Bob Marley is a rottweiler who is a gentle giant. I found him beneath the dining table with a baby blue and gold macaw having a beak to nose. He is a lover of other animals and gets along well with Yoko Ono a white german shepherd who moved in on New Years Day. Yoko is our events manager. She wakes everyone up and organizes walks and treats. They are both a lot of fun. I cannot imagine my life without them.