Break Out Your Bicycle for Spring!

Spring is here, and in the Northern Hemisphere we’ll begin to see more hours of daylight and warmer temperatures — so what could be better than a two-wheeled tour through your neighborhood? Or perhaps you live close enough to your workplace that commuting by bike is your primary mode of transportation, and all you need now is a better way to transport your cargo.

Whatever your situation, the onset of the spring season is the perfect excuse to tune up your bicycle and take it out on the town. Here are some tips and tools to help get you get in touch with your cycling self.

Choosing a Bike

Hauling Cargo

  • If you’re a regular cyclist, chances are you’ve got a lot of stuff to carry back and forth. Cargo bikes make car-free living even more possible by giving cyclists an opportunity to haul everything from groceries to children.
  • If your bike isn’t set up as a cargo bike already, you can build this bicycle cargo trailer using only a few materials for even easier cargo-carrying.

Stay Safe!

  • Bicycle turn signals make cyclists more visible at night, but few cyclists wear them. To be extra safe during your nighttime rides, you can make these DIY bicycle turn signalsto wear on your upper arm. They’re entirely hands-free, leaving you safer and more able to keep both hands on the wheel (so to speak).
  • The Internet has a wealth of tips and tricks on teaching your children how to ride a bike. Some are faster and easier than others — one simple method is to teach your child how to ride a scooter first! After they learn, bicycling can be a safe and fun activity for the whole family, while encouraging health and happiness.

Multipurpose Machines

  • Bicycles have a lot of uses beyond carrying you around the city on two wheels — this extensive list of human-powered machines features all the ways you can harness your energy and push it through pedals to power electronics, appliances, and more.

Bikes for Commuting

  • The average bicycle commuter is healthier, happier and more environmentally friendly than her gas-guzzling counterpart. Bicycle commuting can offer many benefits — it allows financial freedom from ever-increasing gas prices and offers a more active lifestyle. And the transition from driving a car to biking isn’t so bad — here are some tips on how to live well without owning a car.
  • And safety first — these bike safety tips for urban cycling will help you navigate changing lanes and improve your cycling techniques.
  • If the road to your workplace is a long and arduous one, you can combine cycling with other forms of transportation to help ease long-distance commutes — especially in cities, bicycling can combine with public transportation for an easier, greener way to travel to work.
  • Another option for longer routes is an electric bike or scooter — you’ll be sold after you hop on one of these fun machines and stop having to buy so much gas.

So gear up and hop on your bike — you have nothing to lose, and much to gain. Happy spring!

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Lots of links here. I'd also say .. get on your bike and go- it's FUN

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Spring isn't just Spring without bicycle rides by the riverside.

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