Breaking Bad with Recipes

Now some would argue that the golden age of television existed decades back with M.A.S.H. and Archie Bunker, or maybe even before that with Sid Caesar and The Twilight Zone. However we seem to be in an extended golden age of TV right now that started up around a decade ago with The Sopranos and doesn’t seem to be letting up. Ardent viewers not only religiously watch and re-watch their favorites, but also endlessly tweet, blog, and delve into their shows minutia, poring over details and trying to recreate set pieces and vestiges from any given show. One outlet for creativity is recipes inspired by such shows.

While there have been countless Mad Men cocktails, and Sopranos quasi-Italian dishes, there has not been much as far as Breaking Bad, even though it is ripe for interpretation. For those of you that haven’t been sucked in by Breaking Bad, it is an unfolding drama on AMC about a high school chemistry teacher who “breaks bad” and starts “cooking” crystal meth to supplement his flagging income. With each consecutive season the show gets progressively darker and darker, as well as more outrageous. And now, there are recipes (no, not for crystal meth) that bring you a little closer to the evolving storyline of the show.

First up is “Franch.” This is more or less what it sounds like – French and Ranch dressing mixed together for purposes unknown. This mythical dipping sauce made a brief appearance on the first episode of the 5th season and has gotten the blogosphere chatting. And of course, someone came up with a recipe (hardly rocket science) that you could find here.

The second recipe is a somewhat obvious one, but kind of tragically cute. It is “Blue Glass Candy,” a sort of rock candy made to resemble the high quality product produced by the characters on the show. To be sure, this glass blue candy is methylene-free and much more likely to cause cavities than any other illicit behavior. Sadly, the recipe for “Blue Glass Candy” has yet to be posted, but the “stuff” could be bought through this website. No word on whether the candy is nearly as addictive as the TV show.

What other TV-inspired recipes do you think need to be concocted?


Lynn D.
Lynn D6 years ago

Didn't understand much of this at all.....seems like you'd be better off reading a book somewhere or volunteering at a soup kitchen.........

Sylvia Wulf
Sylvia Wulf6 years ago

Well, that was 2 minutes I'll never get back :-(

I deliberately don't watch much TV and only clicked on this out of curiosity about possible recipes - but alas, nothing but fanboy drivel about shows I'll never watch. The comments were more interesting :-(

Carol P.
Carol P6 years ago

Ugh. Though I appreciate the television show, anyone espousing making candy that looks like crystal meth is insane. This post has no place whatsoever on a website that is supposed to be about health and well being.


Laura S.
Laura S6 years ago

Slow news day, Eric?

Nancy B.
Nancy B6 years ago


Christine Stewart

Never wanted to watch "Breaking Bad", or "Weeds" for that matter.

Duane B.
.6 years ago

Thank you for sharing, I think!

Karen Martinez
Karen Martinez6 years ago

kudos, Victoria! Maybe Eric can spend his time writing the producers of all these TV shows and get permission to put together a cookbook! He obviously doesn't have anything else to do. Of course, I'd probably buy the darn book because I read this article and am bothering to comment on it!

Nadine Hudak
Nadine H6 years ago


Mary S.
Mary S6 years ago

Sorry to waste a comment, but huh?