Breast Is Always Best? Mommy’s Milk Is Served At NYC Restaurant

There has been quite a stir this past week in the blogosphere, as Chef Daniel Angerer, a NYC chef that once beat Bobby Flay on Iron Chef (no easy feat), announced that he was serving the customers in his restaurant, Klee cheese made from his wife’s breast milk.

While I have nursed two babies, and I’m generally not squeamish about trying exotic delicacies, I’m not quite sure if breast milk cheese is high on my “must try before I die” list. Angerer defends his brand of fromage on his blog in an undisturbing way:

“My cooking instincts are rather natural (e.g., sourcing ingredients from the local market, eating sustainable seafood, buying free-range-all-natural poultry, and I certainly love a steroid free steak) but THIS is a whole other level of “natural” Mommy’s Milk, from a human mommy, not a cow, sheep or goat…”

The idea for making Mommy’s Milk cheese came about when his daughter celebrated her 4th week birthday. His wife is breastfeeding and they had an abundance of pumped breast milk on hand. They had considered donating some to an infant milk bank, which goes to babies in Haiti, but the milk bank requires long check-ups and their small freezer was running out of space. Angerer’s wife, Lori is a vegetarian and says she figured her milk is as healthy as any animals’. He claims, “To throw it out would be like wasting gold.”

Angerer had considered the ethics, but decided to offer samples to his diners since he hadn’t seen it on any restaurant menu and he had had requests for it. Unfortunately (or maybe fortunately), he ran into a snag – the New York Health Department. After a New York Post article exposed a controversy over serving the cheese, the Health Dept. stepped in. Apparently, department codes do not explicitly forbid the practice, but they have advised Angerer to refrain from sharing his wife’s milk in his restaurant.

For lactating moms who want to try making Angerer’s Mommy’s Milk cheese, the the step-by-step recipe directions are provided on his website.

Do you find this type of lactose delight tolerable or is it simply too cheesy?


Michele Wilkinson

Personally, I would not like this.

Dana A7 years ago

Ick...that about says it

Brittany Boven
Brittany Boven8 years ago


jo malik
jo Malik8 years ago

Why are people freaking out - because it's HUMAN breast milk. We are HUMANS. That is the ONLY milk we are designed to drink. But people will drink it from a cow. And as far as what medications the woman is on-cow's are on Bovine Growth Hormone, anitbiotics, etc etc etc.

Jonathan Y.
Jonathan Y8 years ago

Wrap your heads around this: Human milk, properly pasteurized, should be more digestible for you than that of any other species, cow, elephant, rhino, moose, etc. The enzymes will be more compatible with your system.

Plus, some baby animal won't be wrenched away from its mother to be slaughtered. An improvement overall in my book.

Fromage du Homo Sapiens makes perfect sense to me so long as it meets health dept. standards of pasteurization and storage.

Also true, that you would truly have to check the source for what medications she may be on or have taken recently, and what kind of diet she has. Would really affect the quality of contents let alone flavor.

If all this sounds too much like 'Soylent Green', consider that at the rate we're destroying the biosphere we might end up eating soylent yeast if too much of our flora and fauna heads into extinction. In that scenario, mother's milk would be a delicacy.

Glenn Askew
Glenn A8 years ago

Once the seperation issue is resolved.. humans are the only species that still consume milk of any kind after weaning..(Except,,apparently Mongolians)..all other species either drink straight water, or get thier fluids from the fruits and plants they eat...I do not consume ANY dairy products myself..As was brought up by Pam comes down to the molecular level..milk From another,considerably larger species than us is NOT properly digestable. I'll stick with my soy,almond,rice and other assorted Plant based "milks" thank you. As for not getting enough calcium, etc by not drinking milk..that is crap...just ask that Elephant, Rhinocerous,Moose,Bear..etc...who stopped drinking all milk once weaned..

Corrina Giglio
Corrina Giglio8 years ago!! I cannot get my head around the idea of consuming the milk of a perfect stranger...or from any lactating being......NO NO NO!!!!!!!!!!!!

Corrina Giglio
Corrina Giglio8 years ago!! I cannot get my head around the idea of consuming the milk of a perfect stranger...or from any lactating being......NO NO NO!!!!!!!!!!!!

Liny T.
Liny T.9 years ago

Kind of weird... the ppl might not used to it..

Steven Gray
Steven Gray9 years ago

I'm not so sure about serving it in a resturant, but to make it at home seems like a wonderful idea. Breast milk is natures perfect food. If the mother has an abundance of milk besides storing it in glass jars I don't see why it could not be feed to the child.