Brighten Up a Children’s Room with Colored Knobs

Spotted on the Finnish home design site Lily: a DIY project to enliven a child’s dresser. Paint the knobs in a range of complementary hues, or go with a candy-colored variety-pack mix.

Above: A white Hemnes dresser from IKEA gains personality with knobs painted a range of blues; image via NIB via the Boo and the Boy.

Above: Candy-colored knobs via Lily.

Above: Paint manufacturers often sell small quantities in sample sizes. For instance, Benjamin Moore offers 3,000 colors in one-pint cans for $6.49 each or eco-friendly Stark Paint (shown here) offers a sample pot for $9.75 each.

Above: The white Hemnes Eight Drawer Chest is $299 from Ikea.

Looking for more children’s room ideas? Get inspired by a gallery of over 190 images of ways to decorate a young one’s space in Remodelista‘s Room Gallery.



Terry Vanderbush
Terry V5 years ago

to each their own

Eternal Gardener
Eternal G5 years ago


Teresa Cowley
Teresa Cowley5 years ago

Okay, this is different. I like the idea--subtle and refreshing.

Phillipa W.
Phillipa W5 years ago

not a bad idea

Joy Wong
Joy W5 years ago


Sam M.
Sam E M5 years ago

Regarding my post yesterday (6:32AM PDT on Aug 9, 2012) I was having trouble with a slow Care2 and of course plywood is wrong, it should be balsa wood (very light in weight).

Kathleen K. is quite right that craft paints are cheaper and you can buy a selection pack of usually 3 or 4 tiny pots, so there's no waste. :)

Marie W.
Marie W5 years ago


Magyar Girl
Past Member 5 years ago


Lyn Simcock
Lyn Simcock5 years ago

This isn't only for kids rooms ... I have 6 slightly-different chests-of-drawers - 2 bedside tables 1 chest of drawers in each of the main and guest bedrooms. I painted each chest of drawers basic ivory (to match the beds), and each knob is a slightly-different shade of colour that matchs the general colour-scheme in each of the rooms. The overall effect marries each bedroom set and the differences are no longer noticeable. They look great!

Kathy K.
Kathy K5 years ago

Fun *and* easy. Thanks.