Brighten Up Your Workspace

I’ve seen my fair share of crummy office spaces–although now I am fortunate to work in a lovely one. If you spend your time in a not-so-inspired workspace, there are some quick fixes to brighten up your work area. In my opinion, adding some color is key–and anytime you can replace synthetic materials with natural ones will definitely help to boost inspiration. Here are a few more ideas that can help.

• Place a small desk lamp in the top center of your desk near your writing hand to up the wattage at your workstation and offset harsh shadows cast by overhead fluorescents. Better yet, if you have control over harsh overhead floursecents, turn them off and use table lamps with warmer CFLs or LEDs.

• Use some office feng shui to garner respect of co-workers that enter your space by facing your desk toward your office entrance, and as far back as possible. If you can’t move your furniture, a small mirror opposite the door will simulate the effect.

• Place a scenic piece of art at eye level on the wall in front of your desk. A vista or seascape something with depth and perspective will subconsciously encourage you to seize opportunities.

• Hang a symbol of achievement–a diploma, award, or letter of appreciation–above your desk that speaks to your accomplishments and represents your value as an employee.

• Add natural elements throughout your space–they invite trust. Substitute a wicker basket for your plastic trash can, place pens in earthenware containers, a favorite rock for a paperweight–and position a plant on your bookshelf.

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By Rebecca L. Olgeirson, Delicious Living


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Thank you!

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Thanks for the article.

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Thanks Mel.

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I love the idea of using natural elements to make an office more inviting.

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great article, thanks! :)

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Amanda S.
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I have one inspired friend who has a picture of a waterfall posted with a note to herself to "drink more water" ~ lovely AND smart!

Amanda S.
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Try putting up gorgeous scenes from nature to take mental breaks with.

Here's a 60 second tip for stress relief... When you feel your focus completely slipping away, try this
-- put down the pencil / keyboard / etc.
-- gaze at this place you'd rather be right now
-- fully breathe into being there
-- imagine relaxing all the muscles in your body from head to toe
-- stay in that relaxed space a few moments more
-- then go back to what you were doing

Gifting yourself with these zen filled moments will go a long way towards connecting positively with your work space.