Brittle Nails, Brittle Bones?

Q: My nails just suddenly started breaking all the time about six months ago, and I worry about what’s happening to my bones. Is there any correlation between the two things?

A: Most likely not.

Most people as they get older will suffer from brittle nails. The most common culprit is a lack of moisture. This can be easily remedied by rubbing olive oil or lotion onto the nails daily.

If you are accustomed to wearing nail polish or fake nails, removing these and allowing the nails to “breathe” will also help the situation.

Other potential (but less common) causes of brittle nails are iron deficiency anemia, fungal infections, and thyroid or parathyroid problems.

Brittle nails do not correlate with brittle bones; however, if you are a man or a woman over the age of 50, discuss with your physician about getting a routine screening test to measure bone density.

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My nails are brittle due to nail polish.

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Here are my cures for brittle nails. I got stronger nails and my hair stopped falling only by drinking organic apple cider vinagar for about 3 weeks.

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