Broccoli vs. Kale: Which is Healthier?

Kale gets a lot of attention as a superfood, but good old broccoli is nothing to sneeze at. Which of these veggies is healthier? Let’s look at broccoli vs. kale to find out!

Like my previous nutritional comparisons, I’m using nutrition data fromSELFNutritionDatato compare broccoli vs. kale. In this cruciferous vegetable showdown, we’ll compare one cup of cooked broccoli with one cup of cooked kale. You can read about each veggie’s nutritional strong suitsbelow, or scroll to the bottom for a visual side-by-side comparison.

Broccoli Nutrition

A cup of cooked broccoli gives you four grams of protein and only 54 calories. It also has 20 percent of your daily fiber needs and zero fat.

When it comes to vitamins, broccoli is a powerhouse. That same cup of broccoli contains:

  • 48 percent of your vitamin A for the day
  • 168 percent of your vitamin C
  • 276 percent of your daily vitamin K
  • 42 percent of your folate.

Vitamin A is an antioxidant that supports healthy skin and eyes.Our bodies use vitamin C for a number of daily functions. There’s also some evidence that a diet high in vitamin C can help reduce the duration of coldsand protects you from heart disease. Vitamin K is essential for heart and bone health.When we talk about folate, we tend to focus on pregnant women, since it’s essential in preventing certain birth defects, but everyone needs folate. Folate may prevent heart disease, stroke, and certain types of cancer. It also supports brain health and may helpprevent depression.

Broccoli is also packed with minerals:

  • 6percent of your calcium
  • 6percent of your iron
  • 8percent of your magnesium
  • 10 percent of your phosphorus
  • 14 percent of yourpotassium

Calcium, potassium, and magnesium work together to support healthy bones. Our bodies need iron to produce red blood cells, and broccoli is a good source of plant-based iron. Our bodies use phosphorus to filter waste and repair damaged cells.

Kale Nutrition

Kale is also nutritionally dense. Here’s how one cup of kalestacks up with the same vitamins and minerals:

  • 354 percent of your vitamin A
  • 89 percent of your vitamin C
  • 1328 percent of your daily vitamin K
  • 4 percent of your folate
  • 9 percent of your calcium
  • 6 percent of your iron
  • 6 percent of your magnesium
  • 4 percent of your phosphorus
  • 8 percent of yourpotassium

Kale gets a lot of attention as a superfood, but good old broccoli is nothing to sneeze at. Which of these veggies is healthier? Let's look at broccoli vs. kale to find out!

Broccoli vs. Kale: Who wins?

Because it has such a rep as a superfood, I expected kale to trounce broccoli across the board. Kale definitely has more of some nutrients, most notably calcium, vitamin A, and vitamin K, but broccoli wins out in a few places. When it comes to broccoli vs. kale, broccoli has twice the protein and fiber that kale does and significantly more potassium. It also has more than 10 times the folate that kale does.

Really, though, you can’t lose eating either of these healthy, cruciferous vegetables!

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Love both but hubby and son don't,they still get it dished up!

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For Virginia B. - I get your point, but I'm afraid you've lost the struggle. Here's what I found on "... according to the Oxford English Dictionary, healthy has been a synonym for healthful since its earliest appearance in print... in 1552.

"So it's OK to use healthy and healthful as synonyms for conducive to good health: have a healthy snack or a healthful one. But if you're referring to someone who enjoys good health, however, use healthy because it'd be weird to call a person healthful. Save healthful for the granola and healthy for your personal trainer."

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I have tried kale several ways and still do not like it! Gimme broccoli!