Burning Up Your Fear by Walking on Fire!

We were keynote teachers at a “No Mind Festival” in Sweden. The grand finale was to be a firewalk. Ed began to get mentally prepared and reminded himself each day that he would be walking over red-hot embers. As frightening as it appeared, he knew it was a way to confront his fears head on. Walking on hot coals is not in our DNA!

Deb had hurt her knee so could not participate but Ed recalls: “I was anxious to do it but had huge moments of hesitation. It is something I have always wanted to do as I love to confront myself! I always ski the edge and have bungee jumped in Greece. Now it was time to firewalk. Confronting fear is my way of dealing with the unimaginable. Maybe it’s because I was a scardey cat as a kid, I was not the daring type.

“We had a long pre-training session, learning how to condition our minds to do something that sounds impossible. Peggy Dylan, our Firewalking trainer, was confident we would all be fine and she instilled that faith and confidence in us. I had no doubt and was the first person to walk the hot coals. I loved it, walking and dancing on the fire nine times!”

It was clear to us the amount of awareness such a challenging experience demands, as it takes us far beyond our normal limitations and into a place that the ordinary mind can barely comprehend.

As Peggy Dylan says in our book BE THE CHANGE, “People have walked on fire for thousands of years in many different ceremonies, and the purpose has always been to use the walk as a prayer, or as a way of transcending whatever is ill to create greater well-being, which is also the purpose of meditation. It is used to gather power and energy, to gather a sense of capacity that comes when we transcend our human restrictions, as we step through the barrier of fear before we take that first step onto the coals. We have no idea what is going to happen when we walk on fire. But there is also no way to know what is going to be happening in five years or even five minutes. What the firewalk teaches us, is that when we step forward in trust, faith, and courage, then there is a benevolent aspect of the universe that steps with us.

“In that place of trust, no matter how challenging the world looks or how challenging our personal lives may be, we can just feel the fear. I will take a group of four hundred and collectively we drop into that fear. We acknowledge the fear, acknowledge the sense of failure, the sense of I can’t, I won’t, and I’ve always failed in the past. And then we transcend it into hope, capacity, and a positive form of movement.

“One of the beauties of firewalking is that you cannot pretend those are not hot coals; you stand in front of the fire and it is real. Your delicate feet are real feet. You are stepping through fear and knowing in your body that what you think will happen does not have to happen. In other words, there can be exquisite positive outcomes from events that you previously thought would have a negative consequence. This is indelibly printed on the subconscious. I can do remarkable things, I can step through fear and manifest beauty, manifest joy, manifest healing, and it is in the body.

“Even though we cannot consciously comprehend what we are doing, when we step onto the fire our bodies are in a state of connection with all that is; we are touching the same place we go to in meditation, the place of stepping into the unknown.”

How do you deal with or confront your fear? Do comment below.



Rita B.
Rita B8 years ago

i guess i don't have the courage necessary...

Kerry S.
Kerry S8 years ago

i would like to try this!

Judith Crofts
Judith C8 years ago


Lenee Lirette
Lenee Lirette8 years ago


Rosemary H.
Rosemary H8 years ago

I can't see myself seeking out fear in this way. Yet I've gone through many fear barriers if fear stands between me and the chance to live the life I want. Little by little I've changed myself from a timid child to a courageous adult - or, to be precise, into an adult whose friends call her brave.

But firewalking...not for me, I think.

Rosemary H.
Rosemary H8 years ago

Anna, I fractured my spine falling off a horse....

And revovered to go trekking in the Himalayas...:)

Irina Brenner
Irina Brenner8 years ago

dance, dance , dance

Irina Brenner
Irina Brenner8 years ago

How do I deal with or confront my fear?
Its all about fire ?
Fear about the Shoah,like the burning times?
Facing Fear and kindle the fire ?,

I face fear in the following way: 1. Put herbs of remembrance into the fire,Remember the fire angels of Jacob,
Aaron's fire and Abraham’s love.
recall Isaac’s and Samuel's sacrifices until
fire-anger is extinguished;
2. I am chanting :Spirit of the south increase healing and happiness as never seen before and you name it...

Ed And Deb S.

one of my favorites

F - false
E - evidence
A - Appearing
R - real

Brittany R.
Brittany R8 years ago

I would love to walk on fire because it would be a huge challenge with fear. Fear holds me back from even small decisions in life. I am getting better with not thinking too much though. When I am confronted with fear, I know the Divine Mother is with me and it does calm me down. I try to tell myself that there isn't anything to be fearful about. It takes a bit of time, but I calm down.