Butterflies, Blue Eggs, and Chocolate, Yum! – Weekly Highlights

Happy April everyone! This week kicks off the month that is home to Easter, National Garden Month and Earth Day ó three great reasons to celebrate.

We are particularly excited about Earth Day here at Care2, so we’re starting the celebration early and extending our coverage throughout the month of April. In addition to tons of great tips and ideas, we’ll also be giving you opportunities to earn extra butterfly credits, win earth-friendly products and have your Earth Day haiku featured on our home page. So get ready!

For those of you who celebrate Easter, we have some fun things to check out before Sunday:
Homemade Easter Egg Dyes
DIY Egg Tree for Spring Celebrations
Cute Bunny Photos!
Free Care2 E-Cards!

We’ve also had some really great posts this week on happiness-boosters that aren’t so great in the long run, the benefits of being an early bird, why monarch butterflies are in danger, and one more reason to eat chocolate (as if we needed an excuse). Here it is, our handy reference guide to our most popular and most commented-on posts of the week:

Are Blue Eggs Lower in Cholesterol?:
Find out whether the color of the shell makes a difference in the nutrition.

Monarch Butterflies Under Siege
What’s causing the decimation of these beautiful creatures?

5 Foods Every Woman Should Eat More Of:
Are you getting your leafy greens?

5 Happiness Boosters That Do More Harm Than Good:
Are cupcakes really the best thing to make you feel better?

How to Make Sure a Heart Attack Doesn’t Kill You:
Women, we’re talking to you

That is Dirty! Put it in your Mouth: Healthy Immune Systems Through Dirt:
Why your kids might benefit from a little more dirt in their lives

World’s Least Known Cat is Endangered:
This cute little flat-headed, web-footed guy is losing his habitat

What Cookware Should I Use?:
Find out which materials are most likely to leach chemicals into your food

Have Antidepressant Drugs Become the American Burka?:
Are we shielding ourselves from our emotions rather than dealing with the real issue?

Chocolate May Prevent Heart Disease:
Yet another benefit of one of our favorite treats

Have a great weekend everyone, and stay tuned for more great stories brought to you by the Healthy and Green Living team!


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