Buy a Bottle, Save a Bee

By Jason Knapfel for

Are you familiar with colony collapse disorder (CCD)? While it’s not a new phenomenon, it refers to the abrupt disappearance of honeybees in recent years. Since 2006, nearly 30 percent of honeybees have been lost each year due to various causes, much of which is a mystery.

As a way of supporting the beekeeping community and raising awareness about the disappearance of honeybees, Honeydrop Beverages recently announced its “Buy a Bottle – Save a Bee” campaign. The company produces natural teas and beverages made with a tablespoon of honey in each 14-ounce bottle.

Honeydrop will be donating a percentage of its profits from each bottle to a select group of small beekeepers across the United States. The proceeds will help them build and maintain new beehives, each of which increases the bee population by as many as 60,000 bees.

One beneficiary is Silvermine Apiary in Fairfield County, Connecticut, with 200 hives run by Andrew Coté, whose family has been in the bee business since the 19th century. It’s very much a family business atmosphere, as Andrew can be found selling honey every Wednesday in NYC’s Union Square Greenmarket.

Another beneficiary of the campaign is across the country in San Francisco, California. There, Robert MacKimmie and his company, City Bees, harvest honey from 75 hives in the Bay Area. In addition to his commercial interests in the honey business, Robert teaches sustainable, healthful beekeeping to the beekeepers of tomorrow.

So, what’s all the fuss about bees disappearing anyway, you may ask? Besides the many health benefits of honey, bees are more importantly responsible for the pollination of approximately one-third of the produce we eat. Every orange, almond and just about every apple comes to you because of bees. So, much of our food supply is in jeopardy if bees disappear.

“Being a part of the solution to CCD is an important part of our mission,” says Honeydrop CEO and Founder, David Luks. “Without honeybees, not only is there no honey, but also no almonds, no melons, no tomatoes, no sweet potatoes… they truly are an integral part of our food chain.”

If you’re interested in trying out any of Honeydrop Beverages’ products, their line of fresh-brewed teas include Green Tea, Lemon Tea, and Lemon Ginger Tea flavors. Their all-natural juices include Blueberry and Blood Orange. They can be ordered online or at select retail locations, such as Whole Foods, Nugget Markets, and Dean & DeLuca.

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