Can “Fat Taxes” Keep Us Healthy?

Governments around the world are implementing or considering “fat taxes.”

Denmark and Hungary have already passed legislation to put levies on products considered to be unhealthy (i.e. foods containing high amounts of sugar, salt, and fat). This money is then funneled into health care.

Canada is interested. New York State has tried to tax junk foods – particularly soft drinks.

7 Reasons Governments Want Us to Decrease Soft Drink Intake:

  1. Americans drink such LARGE quantities of soft drinks that they represent a significant percentage of our daily calorie intake. (The average is three quarts per week.)
  2. This part of our diet therefore contains no needed nutrients (such as vitamins, minerals, fiber, protein, or essential fatty acids). Pop is just water, chemical flavors, additives, and usually, sugar.
  3. The sugar makes you fat and contributes to diabetes and other degenerative diseases.
  4. Even diet colas have been shown in studies to cause weight gain. You would think that taking in all these liquids would reduce your consumption of other junk foods but studies have shown that they actually INCREASE it.
  5. Cola intake has also been associated with increased risk of bone fracture in children, and bone de-mineralization in adolescent girls.
  6. Colas have been shown to reduce calcification and increase osteoporosis in adults.
  7. The World Cancer Research Fund and the American Institute for Cancer Research looked at huge amounts of research and advises: “limit consumption of energy-dense foods” and “avoid sugary drinks.”
coke on check out stand

This is not a display but a picture taken in a grocery store at the checkout. It is just a fraction of what was in his cart!

Quirks and Facts about Pop and Junk Food and Taxes

  • With North Americans obviously needing help (with 50 percent of the population overweight), polls show they don’t approve of “fat taxes.”
  • Studies show though, that price is more of a deterrent to eating food than education.
  • Studies also show that very overweight people are not deterred from eating by price.
  • Hungary’s “fat tax” is called a “hamburger tax” but does not tax hamburgers because they are not packaged.
  • Coca-Cola is the most powerful and recognized brand on the planet. More people recognize and consume this highly acidic, sugary and health destroying water than any other product on the planet.
  • According to branding expert Bryce Winters: “Coke’s brand story is forever. Its colors suggest life. It is therefore promising life forever.” That IS a twist!
  • The problems with these junk foods like Coke is that they are not REAL FOOD. Real food is whole and is live.
  • The body was never designed to ingest these kinds of products and only gets unbalanced and depleted in the long run.


The solution to the soft drink situation couldn’t be simpler because there are so many alternatives.  The most obvious drink is WATER which happens to be the most thirst quenching. If you are wanting a little something extra, the following are all great replacements and happen to be good for you.

green tea powerfood

Six Easy Replacements for Pop:

  1. Sparkling mineral water with fresh juice added to it which will have the zing of pop.
  2. Sparkling mineral water with slices of lemon or lime and a few drops of stevia.
  3. Lemon or Lime or Orange Water: Put three slices in a pitcher full of water and leave for an hour and it will be gently flavored water. One of the benefits is that it will ALKALIZE the water.
  4. Water flavored with pure fruit juice.
  5. Lemonade made with fresh lemon juice and stevia to taste.
  6. Herbal teas sweetened with stevia. My favorite is a whole food drink based on green tea called Fortune Delight. Read about green tea in The Powerfood That Rules the World.

If you crave sugar in other forms, read 7 Tips to Get Off Sugar.

Personally I find that when I am balanced, nourished and not stressed, I do not crave pop or junk food. What do you do to avoid junk food?

Personally I think we all need to take responsibility for our own health but I recognize that many people just will not do that!

What do you think about “fat taxes”?

Written by Randy Fritz from Real Food for Life


Kiana Siino
Kiana S7 years ago

I think it sounds like a good idea. It probably won't deter many people from continuing to buy junk food, but it would be nice if they could put the money raised by the tax towards something useful. Healthcare or health education in schools, something like that.

Eternal Gardener
Eternal G7 years ago

Bring it on!

Chinmayee Jog
Chinmayee Jog7 years ago

I think a fat tax should definitely be implemented - I'm tired of paying for other people's healthcare when they can't take care of themselves at all and have given themselves diabetes and heart disease. If people wish to make the choice to be unhealthy, they should have to pay for it so that other people don't have to!

Jane R.
Jane R7 years ago

This tax won't prevent people from buying "fat drinks and foods". It's just another way to take our money from us. Then we won't even be able to afford healthy food and drinks.

Cindy S.
Past Member 7 years ago

.......sure go ahead........and the taxes on cigarettes worked well.....last time I looked people were still buying cigarettes at, what, $8 a pack........

Penny C.
Penny C7 years ago

TAX AND REGULATE WATER CONSUMPTION! People have overdosed from drinking it, we need to keep a better eye on people drinking too much water!

Dolores M.
Dolores M7 years ago

I say tax the heck out of sodas, junk food, etc. I never drink soda since tea is such a better alternative. Junk food just isn't on my list. I don't think a fat tax would ever be approved here . First of all, the big junk food corporations like Burger King, etc. would use their "$$$ power" to prevent it. Secondly, Americans, in general, are just not very health oriented. Just take a look around you at our overweight population. It's simply disgusting to see all that jingling fat everywhere. This tax is more likely to fly in Europe where people are more open minded with alternative medicine, progressive renewable energy useage, small cars, etc. We have along way to go to catch up with Europe.

Rachel Skelly
Rachel S7 years ago

soda is just terrible

Krista R.
Krista R7 years ago

I hvae been saying this for years.

Brigid C.
Brigid C7 years ago

I don't like to drink sugary drinks myself, but there are people who will anyway even with a tax. I think if less people do buy them they could force the people who make them to make some alternatives.