Can Slaughter-Free Milk Deliver What it Promises?


U.K.-based Ahimsa Milk is the first and only company that sells “slaughter-free” milk — milk that is produced without killing any cows, calves or bulls. But what exactly is slaughter-free milk and is it even feasible on a larger scale?

In conventional dairy production, dairy cows are usually impregnated yearly and pumped with hormones to produce as much milk as possible. But dairy cows can’t produce milk forever — and that’s when they’re slaughtered. Calves and bulls are also slaughtered when they’re no longer “useful”. In short, the lives of dairy cows are cruel and heartbreaking.

The horrible treatment of dairy cows is exactly why something like slaughter-free milk is such a great idea. Rather than face death when they can’t produce milk, Ahimsa Milk’s cows will retire to a sancutary to live out the rest of their lives.

Ahimsa Milk’s economic model is undoubtedly more humane — but is it realistic? Erik Marcus of has serious doubts. He writes,

Start thinking about the feed, veterinary costs, and housing costs involved and itís clear that the future financial obligations entailed by a glass of slaughter-free milk dwarf its production costs. And that goes double if the cows are receiving high-quality veterinary care, and are given spacious accommodations during their productive lives and their retirements. Now also consider that at four calves per cow, two of those calves will be males. Are they really going to give these two males accommodations and veterinary care for their natural twenty year lives?

While slaughter-free milk is certainly far more humane than conventional milk products, it’s not exactly a realistic model for the dairy industry to adopt. In the meantime, though, perhaps dairy-free milks are your best option.

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Rocky R
Rocky R9 months ago

Where there is a will, there is a way. It can be made to happen anywhere and fit the commercial structure if there is a mass willingness to do so. We should learn from what has been around for millennia.

Rocky R
Rocky R9 months ago

Not sure why the western countries can only see what happens in the west. Our eyes are only open to what is marketed. India has been producing "slaughter-free" milk for thousands of years. It is a very feasible model there because it fits in their social structure. The entire country is a cow sanctuary in its own way. May be one day we people from the west will be able to open our eyes to what has been practiced for ages elsewhere and not succumb to the marketing tactics of the developed western countries.

ch g.
ch g.4 years ago

Dear All,

I have been reading so much all around this 2013 year about cruelty-free milk.

This slaughter free milk will be viable of course as it is the way nature wants it to be. the only thing that may cause hindrance is some selfish men for their own pockets or taste through meat or just murderous tendencies.
Money is never an issue ....
Lord has made enough... the earth has for everyone's needs but short of even one man's greed..

When we play with nature and laws of Lord there is when we get into trouble not when we comply by it.

I read so many people are concerned with food for these cows and calves.. then let me point out at this real fact:

The cow eats what is left from grains.. there are 1000 varieties of grains like wheat, rice, oats, pulses, etc etc... Nature has made it this way that of these grains only a small 20% portion is suitable for humans (the grain part) the other for birds and beasts and the root is for mother earth. So where is the problem of food shortage? When we grow rice we use the grain and the rest 80% part is used as cattle feed or birds..
so how there is question of scarcity for cow feed??
In india many years back there were many many cows and they all lived without any scarcity.. infact they gave much more than they took.. out of happiness they produced so much milk that it will overflow and moisten the fields..

being a mother who has breastfed I know how happiness changed the quantity and quality of my miik. when mothe

Diane L.
Diane L4 years ago

What does religion and Nazis have to do with drinking milk?

Jane Barton
Jane Barton4 years ago

B Jackson B J.
6:11PM PDT on May 1, 2013

"Lack of usefulness = cruelty??? Who the hell is in charge of that kind of thinking? Maybe if people would stop procreating as fast as flies, there would be less of a demand for food and the earth may have a chance to recover itself."

Where this thinking comes from is White Ppl. The White Ppl who invaded America were Catholic/Christian with a long history of eating animals, sacrificing animals in their religious rituals and "using" animals for slaves. The source of their thinking is their violent book of slavery instructions, the BuyBull, where Hitler's Catholic fairy god commands their followers, Nazis, to "dominate" the earth which they interpret as killing and eating animals, using their own women as breeders and slaves, and spreading the "word" of Jesus. Jesus and Hitler's fairy god commanded Christians to kill heathens who don't PRAY Jesus. Catholic Nazis killed 16 mil Native Americans when they invaded America. They say it was ok cause they did it...for Jesus. The cattle industry took over America early on. I was born in WI, a state of dairy farmers, into a family of German Nazis whose thinking was: If you can't EAT IT
or HAVE SEX WITH IT, KILL IT. This is how White Nazis THINK and this is still how White Nazis ACT. White Nazis lack EMPATHY and it's because of their Catholic/Christian Nazi religion. Their religion is violent and they are violent. Indoctrination in the hate and violence of Christianity causes

B Jackson
BJ J4 years ago

Lack of usefulness = cruelty??? Who the hell is in charge of that kind of thinking? Maybe if people would stop procreating as fast as flies, there would be less of a demand for food and the earth may have a chance to recover itself.

Duane B.
.4 years ago

Thank you for sharing.

Danuta Watola
Danuta W4 years ago

Thank you, very interesting.

Dale O.

Thank you Valentina R, my sentiments exactly. Vegan is clearly a choice, not something that is imposed on others. Cutter T’s veganSpeak to non-vegans saying that we: “justify not having to be a vegan.” Intriguing since vegans are a fraction of the world’s population.

Of course vegans don’t want us eating honey either since we are ‘enslaving’ bees or wearing wool. Some vegans discount any type of humane steps taken when going to organic, non-factory farms because they believe we must use no animal products whatsoever. Not going to happen. Sitting on sanctimonious pedestals and heaping abuse at others because we see things differently isn’t going to change the world into vegans either.

More of this idea of non-factory farmed milk is wonderful, organic and slaughter free is wonderful no matter what thinks of it.

Natasha Salgado
Past Member 4 years ago

I love this idea and i really appreciate someone that is actually concerned for these cows welfare but how can this be sustaniable for the long run??? The world's population is nearing 10 could however work as a niche market, i think rather well. There are millions of people globally that are very concerned about the horrible conditions and heartbreaking cruelty these cows endure on a daily basis and for that reason alone ,yes it can work in a niche market...perhaps i'm overly excited at the thought and i'm in a dream like state!!!! Great article,thanks very much.