Canine Concert Benefits Adopted Animals

One of my favorite childhood memories includes watching Doris Day films on Sunday afternoons with my father. He adored her, and I cherished this time spent with him, usually with our family dog, Doodle, cuddled up nearby. Dad would then walk around the house singing Que Sera Sera and Tea for Two, unaware that he was tone deaf and absent of any rhythm. It just made him so happy. There was a timeless sweetness to her voice and a timeless sweetness to this precious past time spent with my now deceased father.

I recall these moments as I prepare for a canine concert at the Cypress Inn in Carmel, California, co-owned by Doris Day and Dennis LeVett. While Doris Day was known as an angelic singer and actress in her prime, she has since become famous for her love of animals and supporting the welfare of animals.

Doris Day

The Doris Day Animal Foundation (DDAF) helps animals and the people who love them. The list of organizations that have received grants from DDAF is quite impressive. She has also been known to support seniors who adopt senior dogs. Now in her late 80′s, there seems to be no slowing her down. Doris has a new cause, inspired by a little white dog named Duffy. The Duffy Day Lifesaving Program raises funds for animals adopted from the SPCA for Monterey County that have special needs, including high veterinary costs due to an existing illness or surgery and also behavioral issues.

Lisa and Sanchez at Cypress Inn

Helping animals in need is near and dear to my heart. At Through a Dog’s Ear, we donate our clinically tested music to shelters and rescues. In addition to calming the dogs (and staff), it creates a quieter shelter environment, allowing visitors to stay longer and has helped increased adoption rates. In a recent blog, I spoke about a contest we were about to launch that helped contestants win our Calm your Canine Companion series of three CD’s for their favorite rescues. Because of everyone’s passionate desire to help their chosen rescue organization, we decided to make everyone a winner. So we sent a copy of our newest release, Calm your Canine Companion Vol. 3, to all the designated rescues of all contestants.

That’s my recorded music. The idea for a Canine Concert at the Cypress Inn came out of my desire to help pets in need through a live performance. It is the perfect marriage of everything I love: dogs, music, a Steinway grand piano, the Cypress Inn, and helping pets in need. In addition to playing music from the Through a Dog’s Ear music series to calm the dogs, I’ll also be speaking about the research behind the music and playing selections by Beethoven, Chopin, and Gershwin from my concert repertoire. While the event is free, the Duffy Day Lifesaving Program welcomes donations, and free Through a Dog’s Ear CD’s will be given to contributors.

Well behaved dogs on leash are invited. I’ll have both of mine with me by the piano, Sanchez and Gina. Make sure you introduce yourself as a Care2 reader after the concert, when I’ll be signing CD’s. If you can’t attend, you can make a donation to the Doris Day Animal Foundation online by clicking here.


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