Cat Ear Mites

More than 50 percent of ear infections in cats are related to otodectes cyanotis, or “ear mites.” External ear infections such as ear mites will respond to herbal and other treatments, however infections of the middle and inner ear must be treated by your veterinarian only. Be sure to get an accurate diagnosis before you begin home treatment on your own.

Gently swabbing the ear canal with a large of chunk of cotton may reveal a gooey brown to black discharge often produced by ear mites.

While ear mites can be annoying to both owner and cat, they are relatively easy to clear up–if we are persistent and give several treatments over the course of three weeks. Almost any natural oil-based ear medication, even one that does not directly kill the mites, will ultimately drown them. (The oil covers the mites’ breathing pores, eventually suffocating them.)

Ear mites are highly contagious, even though they are usually only found in younger animals, so you will want to treat all of the animals in the household. Don’t forget to treat any dogs that are in contact with the
infested kitties; dogs are also susceptible to the mites. And even if only one ear appears infected, treat both ears. The mites readily migrate over an animal’s head, from one ear to the other.

I usually recommend an oil-based herbal treatment (see below) every day for about a week, then every second or third day for two more weeks. You need to treat your cat for three weeks in order to catch the mite eggs as they hatch. (Mites have a life cycle of about three weeks.)

Mullein Mix for External Ear Infections
Mullein flowers (available in health food stores)
Olive oil
Crock pot
Place mullein flowers on the bottom of a crock pot. Cover with olive oil. Heat on low for six hours. Cool. Strain. Pour into a glass jar. Store in the refrigerator for up to one month. To use, apply several drops of the oil, warmed to body or room temperature, into the ear canal.

Excerpted from Dr. Kidd's Guide to Herbal Cat Care, by Randy Kidd, D.V.M., Ph.D. Copyright (c) 2000 by Randy Kidd, D.V.M., Ph.D.. Reprinted by permission of Storey Books.
Excerpted from Dr. Kidd's Guide to Herbal Cat Care, by Randy Kidd, D.V.M., Ph.D.


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good to know

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good info, thankyou :)

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Trisha M.
Trisha M.6 years ago

We have an adult beast male cat who when he was a kitty had the mites. I used olive oil with a little garlic and it cleared them right up! we just took in another kitten that was not being cared for and she has worms and ear mites (poor peanut) I have learned that putting garlic in their food helps with alot of parasite ailments. Put garlic in tuna or soft food, it is safe and natural, helps with fleas and also keeps a beautiful coat. The kitty's will get used to the taste of the garlic if u keep it up.

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Thanx for the info!

Michael Robbinette

We have a 7 week old kitten and she is as" cute as a button",but... the poor thing is being eaten alive by fleas. Most over the counter remedies are for older felines, Is there something safe and natural we can use to rid her of these fleas?Something that would be gentle on her delicate skin but yet effective.
Any tips or info would be appreciated !
Thank You in Advance.

P.S. I need an answer ASAP. :)

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Seems like my precious dog has had stinky ears since the day I adopted him. Finally had to use a prescription....I just had to get him relief but will try herbal if it recurs. Thanks

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Dang ear mites make my baby cry. I swab him everyday with oil.
Will check out health food store for the flower and book mark this page. Thank you

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We adopted a couple of cats from the animal shelter and they both had ear mites. The shelter told us about a natural remedy for getting rid of ear mites in cats naturally and it worked great. Saved us from going to the veterinary office and took care of the cat ear mites. It is called Dr Dogs Ear Oil and it also works for dogs which we needed because they say all animals in the house have to be treated when one has the ear mites then others get them too. You can find out more from the web site at Natural treatment for ear mites and ear problems should be first because chemicals and pesticides are not good for the cats health or for dogs health either. Glad to find so much on natural treatment for cats here. Thanks much. Wasn't looking about cat ear problems but happened on this and thought I would put my two cents in...maybe save others a few cents too. LOL

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Do you have any suggestions for dogs who have mange? Any oil or herbal remedy for their itchy skin?