Cat Purrs as Loud as a Vacuum

I recently wrote a post entitled 8 ReasonsCats are Better than Kids and the number one reason on my list was:

Cats are quiet, really quiet, compared to kids.

Well, most cats are quieter than kids, but certainly not all cats. I clearly had not met Smokey, the cat that purrs so loudly her owner cannot have a conversation on the phone! Smokey, the-purr-machine-on-steroids, holds the Guinness world record for the loudest purr. At 67.7 decibels, Smokey’s purr is 14 times more thunderous than the average cat’s purr.

Wow! That is loud. Actually, according to her human mom, her purr is as loud as a vacuum cleaner.

Smokey’s human, Ruth Adams, says the trick to living with such a noisy cat is make sure Smokey has a full tummy before trying to do something that requires hearing — such as watching TV. Why? When Smokey has a full belly, she takes a nice long — and quiet – catnap!

Smokey has gotten so much attention since earning the world record for loudest purr in March of 2011 that she has her own website, book, Facebook page, and Twitter feed!

After listening to the video of Smokey going full throttle, however, I realized my cat, Rikki Tikki Tabby (below), comes in a close second for loudest purr. The other morning, my husband was sanding a plank in the backyard and my daughter, who was lying in bed snuggling with me, said, “Mom, is that Rikki purring?” I actually had to pause and listen before I was sure it was a power tool and not Rikki! Nevertheless, I still consider Rikki much quieter than my children, as he is only noisy when he purrs and it is such a happy sound!

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Lesa D
Lesa D16 days ago

my cat's purr is the infinite sound of the universe...
thank you, Furio!!!

thank you, Cherise...

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Tania N4 years ago

thanks for sharing

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thanks :)

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John S.
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That would be annoying.

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Carmen S4 years ago

wow, have heard some loud purrs, none that loud, thanks

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Nils Lunde
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