Cat Saves Owner’s Life By Knocking On Neighbor’s Window

Dogs usually are the pets that make headlines for saving the lives of their owners, but in this case, the hero was an English black cat named Slinky Malinki.

Former nurse Janet Rawlison had taken morphine for severe back pain and suffered a serious reaction. The reaction was so bad that she collapsed and lay on the floor slipping in and out of consciousness for five days. On day five, her cat, Slinky Malinki, finally decided to enlist help for his human companion. He went to the neighbor’s house in an effort to get their attention. He jumped on a windowsill and began tapping the window with his paw. At first they were puzzled by the odd behavior of their neighbor’s normally aloof cat, but then it suddenly dawned on them that they had not seen Janet in a few days, so they went over to her house to investigate.

Upon arriving to the house they managed to enter through the back door only to find Janet nearly comatose on the floor. The neighbors thought she was dead. Fortunately, they managed to revive the retired nurse and get her the life-saving medical treatment she urgently needed.

Janet is clear that her handsome black cat with yellow eyes was her savior: ”He saved my life. Without him I might not have made it,” she told the Lancashire Telegraph.

For Slinky Malinki’s heroic action, he has been nominated for the Cats Protection Charity’s National Cat Awards. If he wins this nomination in August, he will then be in the running for Englands National Cat of the Year.

Since this scary episode with morphine, Janet feels Slinky Malinki has been keeping a closer eye on her. ”He sits on hills beyond the house and he watches out for me going into the kitchen,” Janet told the Telegraph. “If he doesn’t see me go in for a couple of hours he will come into the house and find me, and if I don’t see him he will tap me on the leg or arm until I respond. He never did that until the incident with the morphine.”

Slinky Malinki proves that black cats can be good luck – and if it were up to me, this smart feline would win National Cat of the Year.

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Debbie Crowe
Debbie Crowe4 years ago

I agree - Slinky Malinki should win National Cat of the Year!! He is a true HERO!!

Eileen Mary P.
Eileen P4 years ago

Cats are indeed very clever. They are also discerning, which is one reason they're so cute.

Stella Gambardella
Stella G4 years ago

Grazie per la condivisione di questa commovente storia. Cane, gatto, coniglio, maialino ecc. continuo a pensare che sono i nostri migliori amici nell'aiutarci sempre quando ne abbiamo bisogno. Grazie per aver portato alla nostra conoscenza di questa grande storia.

Belinda Scott
Belinda Scott4 years ago

What a heart warming story. Slinky Malinki is a real hero.

Angela Padovani
Angie P4 years ago

Thank goodness Slinky Malinki was around to make the neighbor away they had not seen Janet in days.

Carole R.
Carole R4 years ago


Borg Drone
Past Member 4 years ago

Clever Kitty.

marie gignac
marie gignac4 years ago

the ultimate proof that your cat love you and when something is wrong, he know it! Really great article! thank you for sharing!

Angev GERIDONI4 years ago

I would like to thank all Care2 members who already signed my petition.
if no, please help give an happy end to that sad story :
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As some people of the city and from the neighborhoods, took them to a sanctuary*, the hope is rising, it's up to you to make it grow by still sharing the petitions. I will tell you more about the sanctuary in the next update...

Thank you for caring

Angev GERIDONI4 years ago

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