Cat Takes a Shower (cute video)

It must be a hot day. This cat has climbed onto the counter and stuck his head under the running faucet at the kitchen sink.

He drinks a little but mostly lets the water splash over his head over and over again. He’s insatiable. Would your cat do this?

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Laura Saxon
.4 years ago

Another funny video! Thanks for sharing.

Magda V.
Past Member 4 years ago

adorable thx:)

Beth M.
Beth M5 years ago

Good way to cool off and get a drink!

Antiope K.
Antiope K5 years ago

I love this video and i adore cats :-))

Elsie Au
Elsie Au5 years ago

Love it!

Fran F.


Mariana T.
Mariana Turner5 years ago

cute! made my day watching that!

aj M.
aj E5 years ago


Summerannie Moon
Summerannie M5 years ago

Oh and I also forgot to add, that even in his large water bowl, one youd give to a dog. Its a steel dish and always full of water. He will put his front feet into it and stand in it and then whilst standing in it will drink the water OR he will use one of his front paws, and push the bowl around the room whilst chasing it. Guess thats cat fun huh? He is a personality thats for sure.

Summerannie Moon
Summerannie M5 years ago

My cat is obsessed with water. He is Burmese and its a fight for space in the shower or to use my hand basin to even clean my teeth or put makeup on or wash my hands. You name it, if he hears water he will tear off to find where he can hear it and paw at it, lick it, let it go over his head or do the Mexican Hat Dance in it. He doesnt care, he just loves water and woe be tide if he has drunk all the water out of his bowl. THAT one and only huge bowl he loves and it hasnt got enough water in it and he will yell his head off for me to get up and fill it..........yep and during the night too. I roll over and go to sleep again b/c there is plenty of water bowls around and they are all full! Take a shower and its a fight between me taking a shower and him ducking in and out of the water or after I am finished he will tear in and roll on the floor or in the bath if I have just cleaned it. He is totally mesmerised by water - He loves it. All my cats have loved water sprayers too and I will you want a spray? esp. when its a hot day and they will respond positively like the cat I have now. This cat also loves to be totally sprayed with drenched! He is in 7th heaven. He even talks! All my cats have been brilliant.