Celebrate National Chili Day with Meat-Free Chili

Vegetarians rejoice! The Meatless Monday movement has hit such a high stride that even my beef-loving father has likely caught wind of it by now (regretfully).

The organization behind the movement – the official Meatless Monday Campaign – is hoping you observe an early “meatless Monday” today, Thursday, February 28, to celebrate National Chili Day.

If you’ve ever thought good chili had to have meat, raise your hand. At one point in life, my hand was raised, too. But that was before exploring the joys of vegetarian chili myself. Now, I consider myself a meat-free chili believer, and it feels good to be on the other (healthier) side.

Today the Meatless Monday Campaign is celebrating this otherwise meaty holiday in true vegetarian style by introducing a free digital cookbook loaded with 10 meat-free chili recipes for your winter delight. The  ”Monday Chili Cookbook” includes tons of helpful information about how eating less meat is not only healthy for you, but also the environment, as well as the “history of chili” in America.

The recipes are adventurous yet approachable, even for the novice cook, exploring ingredients like artichoke, cashew, and even quinoa. One of the recipes that has us most intrigued is the Bloody Mary Chili, which boasts whole tomatoes, minced garlic, Bloody Mary mix, three kinds of beans, and plenty of cumin and chili powder for added spice. Now that’s a Bloody Mary I’d love to get my hands on.

In addition to being kind to animals today if you choose to participate, you’ll also be kind to yourself.  Making your chili sans-meat is one of the healthiest meals you can indulge in, according to the Monday Campaign. “It’s loaded with protein and is an excellent source of fiber, iron and vitamin C. Chilies are also high in vitamin A, so each bowl of chili you eat, your immune system gets a boost! Why not make a nutritious pot of chili tonight?”

Download your free Monday Chili Cookbook and start enjoying it today. And if you’re hungry for more meatless recipes, be sure to visit MeatlessMonday.com where you’ll find hundreds of healthy recipes, as well as tips and tools to take (meatless) action in your community.


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By Dana Shultz for Diets In Review | Image via Meatless Monday Chili Cookbook


Nona E.
Nona E6 years ago

Like to try new things. Thanks.

Joel Romp
Joel R6 years ago

this sounds perfect, the wife and i are slowly trying to become vegan for moral and health reasons and its hard to replace favorite dishes when you are used to them tasking a specific way but this....this sounds promising. on my list for next weeks cookings

Heidi Aubrey
Heidi Aubrey6 years ago

I could like this.

Patricia Panora
Patricia Panora6 years ago

That recipe sounds amazing!

Lizzy Benner
Lizzy Benner6 years ago

I made Vegan Chili this past Monday! So good! Roasted garlic, bunch of different peppers, black beans, white beans, kidney beans and garbanzo beans, roasted carrots for texture, splash of coffee some vegan choc chips and soooo much more! Thank you County Fair for all the wonderful organic produce!

Val M.
Val M6 years ago


Dan Martin
Dan Martin6 years ago

Done and done

Magdalen B.
Magdalen B6 years ago

We gave up meat for Lent this year and I'm surprised not to miss it. This looks lovely. Thank you.

Jane H.
Jane H6 years ago

Thank you!! so much

Traci Phillips
Traci Phillips6 years ago

Thanks, I've been looking for some good vegan chili recipes.