Celebrate National Puppy Day (Slideshow)

March 23rd is the eighth ever National Puppy Day! We can all think of endless reasons why puppies, and dogs of all ages, deserve a national holiday:

  • Dogs are proven health-boosters for humans:they lessen the risk of allergies and asthma, reduce stress levels, and lower blood pressure and cholesterol.
  • They are our best friends and our family members.
  • They provideloving companionship and boost our happiness.
  • Puppies are simply adorable!

So, who would hurt a puppy?

National Puppy Day was created for the more than half a million dogs born in puppy mills each year. Dogs are confined, mistreated, bred and often killed in puppy mills (to learn more about the problem with puppy mills, click here).

If you are considering bringing a puppy into your family, skip the pet stores (where 99% of the puppies come from puppy mills),and instead adopt from arescue shelter. Ask yourself these 10 questions to make sure you are ready to committo raising a dog.

For those not ready, or able, to bring in a rescued dog, you can still celebrate National Puppy Day! Click through this slideshow filled with the cutest of the cute! Be sure to look out for some puppy-protecting tips along the way.

Creative Commons photo by Mona Moo

TIP: Help puppies nationwide by refusing to support pet stores that sell puppies from mills. Take it a step further, and don’t even buy pet toys, food, or supplies at a puppy pet store.


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TIP: Volunteering at or donating to your local animal shelter can provide puppies with the exercise and much-needed playtime they need to fall fast asleep. Short-staffed shelters often don’t have the resources to take energetic pups on walks.

Image Credit: Creative Commons photo by: Lucidia Black

When humans share, it never quite looks this cute.


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Puppies that are tiny enough…

…to fit inside…

…a teacup!

We love to celebrate puppies of all sizes!

Image Credit: Creative Commons photo by Bartłomiej Derski

TIP: If you’re thinking about getting a new pup, consider adopting a puppy mill dog. You will rescue him or her from a harsh environment that no puppy deserves!

Image Credit: Creative Commons photo by Mona Moo


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Puppies kissing!

FACT: Dalmatians are born spotless. Once their spots grow in, they are completely unique! No Dalmatian has the same number and pattern of spots.

How are you celebrating National Puppy Day?


Image Credit: Creative Commons photo by harperlauren.

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