Celebrate Sustainable Food for Spring

Spring is a time of awakening and renewal. To me, it is more motivational than New Yearís, — the more traditional time for life-improvement resolutions — because I tend to still be recovering from the holidays.

For me, spring is the time to think about the food that I eat and to renew my commitment to eating food thatís healthier for me and our environment.

Thatís why each spring I put together a realistic plan of things that I can do that are simple but that still make a difference. Here are a few of them to get your started.

Grow your†own food. You donít have to have your own farm or even a single acre of land, but even growing some of your food in a container garden makes a big difference to both your diet and our food system.

For those who live in colder winter climates and are tired of the limited number of fresh produce choices, celebrate the fact that spring brings a wider variety.† Recommit to eating locally and enjoying what is in season where you live. As I have written about many times, eating seasonally offers many advantages including saving you money and providing fresher and tastier produce.

Spring renews the chance to shop locally for your fruits and vegetables at a farmersí market or even by joining a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture). To find local, in season produce near you, check Sustainable Table or Local Harvest.

One of my favorite ways to celebrate spring is to go to a food festival or to pick my own strawberries at a local farm. Take part in a sustainable food activity in your community, or even while you are on spring break. Several organizations/communities have sustainable events or food festivals at this time of year. And many local farms and farmersí markets have events to celebrate the season. Check Local Harvest to find an event near you.

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Kathy M.
Kathy M4 years ago

we cant wait till we get our garden in place

Mary D.
Mary T4 years ago

Love growing my own vegetables, they taste much better especially fresh tomatoes :) yummy

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Elena Poensgen4 years ago

Thank you :)

Tanja Zilker
Tanja Zilker4 years ago

thanks for posting

Fiona T.
Past Member 5 years ago

Having sustainable food is for our future

Marianne Good
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Thanks for sharing.

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Elaya Raja5 years ago

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