Change at the Speed of Point O

Disease, illiteracy, climate change. Hunger, poverty, pollution. You name the challenge, and you’ll probably find at least one organization working to address it.

Many of these organizations have emerged since the start of the new millennium. They range from small neighborhood groups to large global projects. Their specific goals vary, but they share the same purpose: to usher in a new era of harmony and peace by improving the lives of people and the environment of our planet.

Coming Together
In recent years, countless millions of people – both prominent and ordinary folks – have become actively involved in worthy causes. Around the world, there seems to be a growing sense of the need to come together, find real solutions, then take action. Initiative and innovation are flourishing.

Shift in Global Consciousness
Many thought leaders have been talking and writing about this surge in collaborative “people power.” They see it as part of a great shift in global consciousness. Some think it’s been under way for decades; most believe its pace is accelerating.

In fact, all of life seems to be speeding up. Technology changes at an ever faster clip. Demands on our time and attention mushroom; emails pile up. Our to-do lists feel like ladders with endless extensions.

When my world is spinning too fast, I often find myself trying to multi-task, jumping from one project to another. My thought processes become disjointed and I feel overwhelmed.

That’s when I remember The Point O™ Technique. I stop for a moment, go to Point O, and find my inner coherence. Soon I’m back in the flow, able to prioritize and focus.

The Point O™ Technique
Following are the steps of HeartMath’s Point O™ Technique. When things are moving too fast and your life feels out of control, I suggest you use this tool.

  • Practice inner ease by going deep inside your heart and stilling your mental and emotional energy. Feel love radiating from your heart as you breathe quietly in the stillness. Don’t look for experience; just be. This will help create inner coherence and quiet mind chatter so your heart’s intuitive intelligence can flow more easily.
  • Radiate love to any judgments about yourself, others or situations. This will neutralize negative energy and clear away roadblocks that hinder your spirit.
  • Stay focused on the inner stillness while you consciously breathe love and peace into your environment. Gently excuse any thoughts that come up, positive or negative.
  • Imagine Point O as a pristine circle of peace in which you are sitting. If thoughts come, don’t push against them. Just casually focus on breathing love and peace into the stillness.

After I use the Point O™ Technique, I may return to the fast lane, but I find that I’m zooming along with better perspective. I have much greater access to my heart qualities, and to my own inner ease and flow.

On some days I use the technique several times; each time takes just a minute or two. Why not try it yourself? If you use this technique regularly, I believe you’ll experience less stress and more peace in your life.

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Angela K.
Angela K4 years ago

Thanks for sharing

Mark H.
Mark H4 years ago

I've been doing this and it really helps me,too. Even when the"weight" of the seemingly implacable ignorance will never the midst....there is perfect peace! Suddenly, right in the world, I can move and act least I can use my aspirational will instead of being driven or have to fight and react. I'm just saying how it is for me, and thank you. It is helping me as a musician and all.

Miriam O.

Thank you for sharing and posting!

JL A4 years ago

might be worth trying

Darren Woolsey
Darren Woolsey4 years ago

I sympathise with those who say they feel too thinly spread. I too am going through a phase of this, and a counselor friend of mine has suggested to sense my limbs whenever I get chance, to bring some of the feeling of dissipatedness or strands of my being, back into me, essentially.

It does at times feel as though there aren't enough hours in the day to do all that one would like, wish, or feel they need to.

I've found that in the early hours of a day, say 4am or 5am, the world seems to me to be more quiet and still than it is later, when industry and commerce dive into action, and everyone is rushing around.

Having had time off for stress for months, the rushing around gets to me a lot, and I find I want to take things slower.

If you've a garden, go out and sit in it for a while, turning off all social media and TV/radio type distractions. Wandering around or sitting in a garden can be very therapeutic and grounding, and I think personally, feeling/being grounded is the major component to feeling as though I'm all over the place.

Colin Hope
Colin Hope4 years ago

Thanks for sharing!!

Elena T.
Elena Poensgen4 years ago

Thank you :)

Kath P.
Kath P4 years ago

Meditation of any kind will make your day much brighter....TY

Caroline Debaille

I have too much difficulties to "radiate love" at everything. When you have seen all the evil in the world, how can you think positively?

Alexandra G.
Alexandra G4 years ago

thanks for good advice