CharitySub Supports Sustainable Fishing in September

We love seafood, but for one in five people on this planet, fish is their only source of protein. And for more than 100 threatened fish species in our rivers and oceans, their existence depends on changing the way we fish.

This month, CharitySub, a social enterprise that gives to a different cause each month, is doing its part to end overfishing, which affects 75 percent of fisheries. At that rate, the United Nations says the fisheries will collapse entirely by 2050.

“When people think about overfishing they often think about quantities. But the risk is not just the amount of fish we’re pulling in, it’s about how we fish, where we farm fish, and which types of fish we eat,” CharitySub’s communication director, Amy Crews, said.

“That’s why CharitySub, through its hundreds of US members, is supporting three charities this month that advocate for policy change to end overfishing, reinvent the seafood industry, and create programs that support healthy oceans and sustainable fisheries.

This month, as CharitySub does every month, the organization is featuring three hand-picked charities that will all benefit from monthly donations from its members. In September, CharitySub members can choose to give their $5 donations to Future of Fish, Marine Fish Conservation Network, or Sea Web. Those $5 donations contribute to a larger donation on the whole.

“Because overfishing threatens to wreak havoc on marine ecosystems and affect the millions of humans that depend upon the ocean for their dinner and their livelihood, this issue needs more than just dollars,” Amy said. “CharitySub will be working with our charities to raise more awareness and campaign policy makers and the industry to reinvent for a better future for fish. We’ll help to support entrepreneurs in the industry, conservation networks, and the use of science to change the way people interact with the ocean.”

Whether you can lend $5 to this month’s cause or not, there are still simple things you can do right now to help reduce overfishing and help create a more sustainable seafood industry.

1. Buy fish and seafood marked with an MSC logo, which identifies certified sustainable seafood.

2. Select only the most regionally-friendly seafood for your area. For instance, in land-locked states like Kansas, Pacific cod, Alaskan wild salmon, and yellowfin tuna are your best choices, and you should avoid farmed Atlantic salmon, imported shrimp, and red snapper.

A comprehensive video on this issue can be seen at CharitySub to learn more.
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interesting article, thanks for sharing :)

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I only eat the fish we catch in any one of our hundreds of lakes here in the Haliburton Highlands of Ontario Canada. We adhere to the rules of the ministry so fishing in the area stays viable.

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It's only sustainability guaranteeing us the food and our future

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Os estados globai tem que encontrar caminhos de politicas para acabar com a pesca exessiva com será daquim a 20 anos ou mais os estoques de peixes estão ameaçados queremos politica que anunciem a recuperação dos estoques dos peixes

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