Choose Your Best Life & Family

If you have made the choice to be born, to come here to Earth, you have a right to be here. You are worthy; there is nothing you have to do other than being you.

Children are holy; nurture them with love, more love and then some more love. Love is growth nourishment. Family is a team work, parenting is the most important job in the world; parenthood is the only real opportunity to become a saint, it’s love instigation work.

How you parent can change the world, connect with your children and always practice positive parenting. Family can be any constellation and if you want to make it a multi-partner family, do. Love is limitless. Make it your daily exercise to hug and love squeeze instead of punishing and using the power over advantage.

Children’s wisdom is ignored instead of extracted in a school system that concentrates more on obedience than education. To learn the most in life you have to follow your own passion, your own interest which is not easy as school certainly will try to cure you of any notion of a life of your own choosing, until at least graduation…. But by then you’re usually already living under the spell of life as a race, competing for everything with everyone instead of being on your own magical mystery tour. Be curious as love and question everything if you can’t escape school.

Choice is a human right, so claim it from birth, by being bold, by being difficult. This won’t be easy as the obligatory start of life is designed to make you conform, to fit in. Being oneself entirely is an act of bravery as instead of help how to become who you really are you have to cope with socialisation which has no empathy for differentness and no tolerance for people standing out….Continue reading at

Tina Brescanu is a visionary writer who has always followed her own heart.

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GGmaSheila D.
GGmaSheila D4 years ago

Didn't start being outspoken until later in my life, unless it had something to do with my boys. Then I could get in someone's face with the best of them. Always have been an introvert and passive about most things. Not anymore. Am trying to walk that fine line between assertive and aggressive.

Like Janice T's idea, but can't currently give her another star. Good one.

Lynn C.
Lynn C4 years ago


Julia R.
Julia R4 years ago

Some very good insights expressed in this article! More than school, I was brought up by parents that raised their children almost like we were in a military school and were very rigid and expected their children to be extensions of themselves rather than finding their own path and gifts in life! Things got pretty rough if we even tried to find out who we were, especially for someone like me, who always seemed to have a natural predilection to be my own person! Although, I did fine in life and feel that I have contributed in a positive way to the world, if my parents were more into positive parenting and expressing their love rather than criticizing so much and obsessed with perfectionism in their children rather than understanding that no one can be perfect and the aim is to produce children that can enjoy their gifts and enjoy live, I would be a more secure and confident person. Even though, I do have a lot of empathy for others (thank God, as that seemed to be something that was more genetic in me and as a result ofmy experiences later in life) and am a productive person, I've paid a heavy price in not having much emotional security and self-esteem. Your view of parenting is right on- positive parenting can make such a difference!


Sorry! I rambled on for too long.. I was just trying to end by saying that if YOU don't believe in God then please let your children believe if they want to You can always tell them that YOU haven't found His reality, but others are SURE He exists and that way they can be open-minded. That way they get SO much comfort when their pet goldifsh or grandpa dies That way, later on in life, when things to terribly wrong they will have divine help and hope. By allowing them to believe you are giving them the key to inner happiness and strength that will give them HOPE in this world where all around them there is chaos and things to make them fearful and they can live a happy and fulfilled life whilst others around them are falling to pieces!!


Thanks for this, but I must just say that this can only be carried out into action by someone such as myself who has already won the lottery of life by living in Australia! My heart goes out to those who are not so free and lucky and just keeping alive and feeding their children is all they can do and these wonderful senitments are for the chosen lucky few on this earth! Many of us live in a pampered and spoiled cultures, We must spend time preparing our children's hearts to reach out to others and less fortunate than themsleves and to think outside their own needs for pleasure and material possesions. If we teach them that it is their divine right to do exactly what they want and to be the centre of their own Universe we are not preparing them for the world as it is! Being TOO perfect ourselves and being the PERFECT parent sometimes puts a heavy burden on our children. Tech them coping skills for the bad times. Hugs and cuddles and words of encouragment YES! Giving them boundaries YES! Teaching them manners YES! Teaching them that their actions can hurt others YES! Laughing with them YES! Teaching them that they must be happy every second of the day NO!! When they grow up they may well turn to drugs or become depressed to make them selves obtain that feeling! Be lighhearted with them. Play their repetitious silly games as if there is nothing else on the planet that you would rather do!! and encourage their imagination and spiritual life. if You don't believe in a G

Linda M.
Linda M4 years ago

Socialization is not all bad.

sandra j.
sandra j4 years ago

I was always different..even bold...never meaning to be difficult, but I guess thats how people saw me....
I never liked the cookie cutter mold and couldnt help but question everything...I can laugh now,but it was far from humerous then

Sonali G.
Sonali G4 years ago

Hmmm not sure about the 'choosing to be here' bit (and I have always questioned the whole 'It takes all sorts to make a world..' saying also) just as I would question the 'by being bold, by being difficult' or being oneself is an 'act of bravery.' I am not sure what the writer is suggesting quite simply because life can be a hellish punishment for anyone who does not 'fit in' or 'conform' and there is no joy in being harrassed and persecuted for just being yourself. I certainly cannot take delight in the uniqueness of any of the interesting people that I have known because they have had to suffer so much grief because they cannot help but be themselves; they have no choice!.

C R.
Chloe R4 years ago


Lauren Weinstock
Lauren Weinstock4 years ago

Okay so choosing to be born is a little "out there" for me too. But choosing- during our days, during our lives, is, I believe an essential part of being alive.
Choose well is my guide.