Puglet and Poop: Clever Ideas for Saving the Planet (3 videos)

We may get a little tired of seeing videos just telling us what to do. Here are three more imaginative approaches: a dog shows us, we learn while we sit on the john, and kids in school have five minutes to save the world. Check them out; youíll learn something new, and have fun doing it.

Green Pug Goes Blue

Many of you saw the clever green pug video a while back in which he did all the things recommended to help save our planet. Well, not quite all.

Today he is back with his doggie friends for a visit to the beach. Ugh, what a dirty beach. Puglet and friends have their hands, I mean their mouths, full helping to clean it up.

Itís a really clever way of talking to us about the environment with a little canine help.

The cute video on page 2 takes us to the zoo where we learn more about saving water and the world around us.

Photo credit: Phault

An Eco-Friendly Day at the Beach
Dog Etiquette for the Beach

Poop at the Zoo

Whatís the scoop on poop and on water conservation? The Bronx Zoo has eco-restrooms where the gray water is used in the garden and the human waste is composted. The bathrooms are educational too, with lots of cute informational signage for kids, including in the stalls.

We’ll see an adorable little girl go into the girls side with her mom, and marvel at all the eco-friendly features. Along with the little girl, you will probably also learn some things you didnít know.

The video on page 3 takes us to a classroom in Australia where the kids come up with ways to save the world in five minutes.

Photo credit: amyjane1

Water Saving Tips for Your Toilet
Conservation Nation: Use Less Water

Save the World in Five Minutes

This video is shot in a class in a primary school in Australia where each day for a week the kids do something in five minutes to save the world. Of course each five minutes in the class has taken a lot more in preparation. But it is a clever idea, cleverly presented. Watch and enjoy.

How You Can Save the Planet
Boy Inspires Planting of One Million Trees


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so inspiring! need ideas for my students!

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Interesting videos.

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adorable and funny (as usual)--and non-preachy to *maybe* reach people who don't normally pay attention to things like recycling--or even just picking up after themselves before they leave a place.

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I shared these videos with my daughter. She loved the one about the dogs at the beach.

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Good this is how we do it. start from school. children, animals and adults together we can save the planet.

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