Cloves: Holiday Helpers in the Cupboard

Many of us will be cooking with sweet, spicy cloves this holiday season, but did you know that cloves have an ancient and respected history as healers and beauty-promoters, as well? During the ancient Han dynasty of China, for instance, cloves were called “tongue spice,” valued for their breath-freshening powers, and courtiers were required to hold them in their mouths when talking to the emperor.

Find out how you can use cloves to freshen your breath (we include a great mouthwash formula), heal indigestion, fight airborne germs, and alleviate stress and exhaustion–all very timely during the holidays.

To Fight Airborne Germs
Place 2 to 3 drops essential oil of cloves in a diffuser.

Mouthwash for Bad Breath
Place 1 drop essential oil of clove in a cup of water, stirring to mix well. Swish in mouth, spit out, then rinse with clear water.

Simple Breath Freshener
Hold a clove in your mouth, or chew it.

To Help Alleviate Exhaustion and Stress
Put 2 to 3 drops of essential clove oil in a diffuser. This will also help to strengthen mental function.

Adapted from Aromatherapy for Everyone, by PJ Pierson and Mary Shipley (Vital Health Publishing, 2004). Copyright (c) 2004 by Pierson and Shipley. Reprinted by permission fo Vital Health Publishing.
Adapted from Aromatherapy for Everyone, by PJ Pierson and Mary Shipley (Vital Health Publishing, 2004).


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